Demonia DEMON-29
Our Price: £62.95
Demonia Creeper-208 Blue
Our Price: £58.95
Hades Zephyr Black
Our Price: £159.95
Demonia FURY-06
Our Price: £64.95
Demonia CLASH-435
Our Price: £72.95
Demonia Bondage Body Bag
Our Price: £29.95
Demonia CHARADE-12
Our Price: £59.95
Hades Nephele Brown
Our Price: £129.95
Demonia STACK-301
Our Price: £72.95
Demonia Charade-206
Our Price: £94.95
Demonia ROCKY-10
Our Price: £92.95
Hades Crow Black
Our Price: £139.95
Demonia BRAVO-106
Our Price: £74.95
Hades Dorgu Black
Our Price: £139.95
Demonia BOXER-206
Our Price: £187.95
SALE PRICE: £159.95
Hades Bullet Burgundy
Our Price: £159.95
Hades Nephele Black
Our Price: £129.95
Demonia GOTHIKA-100
Our Price: £76.95
Hades Zeppelin Black
Our Price: £179.95
Demonia DISORDER-400
Our Price: £82.95
Demonia TRASHVILLE-518
Our Price: £76.95

Demonia Sinister 62
Our Price: £69.95
Devious BALLET-08
Our Price: £89.95
Demonia Stack-317
Our Price: £164.95
Hades Machina Black
Our Price: £179.95
Hades Sky Captain Burg
Our Price: £139.95
Demonia CRYPTO-300
Our Price: £70.95
Demonia Stack-318
Our Price: £144.95
Hades Hyperion White
Our Price: £199.95
Iron Fist Inside Out Dress
Our Price: £48.95

Gothic Angel – women’s gothic clothing that sticks two fingers up to mainstream fashion

Fashion is not about following the herd so stick two fingers up to mainstream clothes and express yourself in whatever way you want. And if you dig women’s gothic clothing you might find something sartorially representative of you here at Gothic Angel Clothing.

Wear whatever the hell you want, when you want

This site is for the bold, the brave, the unique and the nonconforming. We don’t try and tell people what they should wear. Instead we offer a large range of alternative clothing and alternative footwear from our favourite brands. Check out New Rock, Hell Bunny, Iron Fist and Demonia offerings here, and goth sub-styles such as steampunk, cyber, fetish and rockabilly. Whether you’re a Lolita, a 50s throwback or a fan of fetish clothing, alternative footwear and accessories, you’re welcome here. Come in, take a look around and see if anything appeals to your own sense of unique style. Our message is simple: wear whatever the hell you want, when you want.

Inspired women’s gothic clothing – lace, leather, studs, straps and skulls

Gothic Angel is based in London and we take inspiration from the deliciously dark Camden goth scene. We offer products similar to those you might find there, plus a whole lot more – and because we operate online we can keep costs down and offer you killer prices. Fancy Victorian style corsets or waistcoats, some stacked high heels, punk clobber or knockout dresses? Or maybe some stomping boots, retro brothel creepers, tights or handbags? If you love lace, leather, studs, straps and skulls, welcome home. We’re glad you could make it.

We ship to anywhere in the world with free UK delivery on all orders and offer a no quibble refund.

For more from the world of women’s gothic clothing and tales of goth culture check out our blog. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter so follow us for special offers on alternative clothing and the new season’s products.