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Bordello Cold Heart
Demonia Hades
Devious Hell Bunny
Iron Fist Pamela Mann
NEW ROCK Pin Up Couture
Pleaser Spin Doctor
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Hell Bunny Haunt Cardigan
Our Price: £25.99
Pleaser BLISS-30
Our Price: £49.95
Demonia CRYPTO-05
Our Price: £58.95
SALE PRICE: £51.95
Save £7.00!
Demonia DYNAMITE-01
Our Price: £52.95
Demonia CHARADE-25
Our Price: £55.95
Demonia PACE-01
Our Price: £56.95
Pin Up Couture LOLITA-10
Our Price: £57.95
Pin Up Couture SAFARI-06
Our Price: £57.95
Devious Bondage 01 Black
Our Price: £57.95
Demonia VAMPIRE-10
Our Price: £59.95
Demonia CHARADE-05
Our Price: £60.95
Demonia DEMON-16
Our Price: £60.95
Bordello TEEZE-24
Our Price: £62.95
Bordello TEEZE-35
Our Price: £62.95
Demonia VAMPIRE-08
Our Price: £62.95
Demonia Creeper-214
Our Price: £62.99
Demonia CRYPTO-06
Our Price: £63.95
Bordello TEEZE-23
Our Price: £64.95
Demonia EMILY-221
Our Price: £64.95
Demonia EMILY-302
Our Price: £64.95
Demonia EMILY-306
Our Price: £64.95
Devious SCREAM-12
Our Price: £64.95
Pleaser DELIGHT-688
Our Price: £64.95
Bordello TEEZE-07
Our Price: £65.95
Bordello TEEZE-07
Our Price: £65.95
Demonia ABBEY-03
Our Price: £65.95
Demonia CHARADE-28
Our Price: £65.95
Bordello TEEZE-01
Our Price: £66.95
Bordello TEEZE-01
Our Price: £66.95
Bordello TEEZE-16
Our Price: £66.95
Demonia Charade-35
Our Price: £68.95
Demonia Click-08
Our Price: £68.99
Demonia CREEPER-101
Our Price: £69.95
Demonia FURY-06
Our Price: £71.95
Demonia Grip-01
Our Price: £73.99
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Gorgeous gothic & dark alternative fashion brands

We at Gothic Angel don’t worship designer labels and we don’t believe that your wardrobe has to include any particular names, just because they are well known. The brands that we offer are featured here purely because we love the items that they make.

We love quality, not designer labels

Goth fashion is not about following the herd, it is about finding clothes, shoes and accessories that you feel represent you, or which you like for whatever reason. It’s not rocket science or the philosophy of being – it’s just fashion. Clothing should be well made and look cool. We don’t give a toss what the label says. The gothic brands that we do believe in can be found here, and include:

Iron Fist
New Rock

Other alternative fashion brands here include Pin Up Couture, Spin Doctor, Devious and Pleaser, and all have something to offer, so check them out to see if they tickle your gothic fancy.

Check out our alternative brands today

Whether you’re aware of these gothic dark and alternative brands or not, you should take a look around, as they offer all kinds of underground delights, from gothic boots to alt dresses, hip hoodies and more.