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Devious SCREAM-12 Bordello TEEZE-07 Bordello Teeze-05 Demonia Cramps-06
Devious SCREAM-12
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Bordello TEEZE-07
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Bordello Teeze-05
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Demonia Cramps-06
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Demonia BRAVO-100 Demonia Bravo-23 Demonia Ranger-208 Gothic Boot
Demonia BRAVO-100
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Demonia Bravo-23
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Demonia Ranger-208
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Fetish - Dangerously Delicious

This is the year that fetish escaped from the dungeon. "Fetish: An object believed to have magic power. Something to which one is irrationally devoted" cried Louis Vuitton .  Models appear hand-cuffed to monogram, fetish lockit clutches and bags, wearing oil slick shiny PVC and fetish rubber boots and pumps.  On Marc Jacobs catwalk models exhibit from cages and Muccia Prada  reveals her love for and the beauty of rubber. Fetish and Fantasy is the order of the day the Gothic Angel is "uber fashion".

Clubs bars and parties are heavy with S&M overtones, the sexual charge created by suggestive sheer skirts exposing suspenders, bottom revealing undies, leather panels and black lace.  The erotic appeal of bondage and submission, the excitement generated when beauty meets power. Clothes made of materials that excite the body, heighten the senses. Leather, latex, synthetic rubber, plastic, nylon and PVC.  Fetish is the timeless thrill of the stiletto heel, of a corset and the high heel boots of the dominatrix.

The fetish imagination is no longer imprisoned unless a dungeon is what it desires.