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Hades Oxford Brown Hades Sky Captain Hades Ana Bolena Black
Hades Oxford Brown
Our Price: £179.95
SALE PRICE: £50.00
Save £129.95!
Hades Sky Captain
Our Price: £139.95
SALE PRICE: £60.00
Save £79.95!
Hades Ana Bolena Black
Our Price: £159.95
SALE PRICE: £90.00
Save £69.95!

Hades footwear for hot hellions and devilish darlings

If you like to make a statement with your footwear then Hades could be the alternative brand for you. Hades shoes and boots are quite remarkable and they are the ideal choice if you like to make a statement with sexy shoes and boots.

The styles here are obviously pretty special, and you can find anything from steampunk style stiletto shoes to chunky fetish knee high boots. If you like alluring footwear that is made to high standards and will help you stand tall and look sexy, Hades is the answer.

Here at Gothic Angel we stock a sensational selection of darkly delightful Hades shoes and boots. Just feast your peepers on these tantalising trotters and see which awesome underground shoes are available to you right now.

Shoes and boots for all alternative tastes

If you dig alternative footwear you are sure to love the selection of Hades shoes and boots here. This footwear will work for just about any underground look, whether you are a classic goth dressed all in black, or a Lolita style chick who loves high heels and bright splashes of colour. There are also some splendid shoes here for steampunk senoritas, fetish fans and gals with a penchant for the S&M aesthetic. Whatever your alternative tastes, the Hades label will have something to offer.

Curiously cool high heeled Hades footwear

Hades does a variety of cult footwear but this brand specialises in hellishly hot high heeled shoes and boots. These are special shoes that will make sure you are noticed, whether you are rocking out at a club, strutting through town or standing tall at a gig. If you shy away from attention these shoes might not be for you, but if you love looking good and you don’t mind other people appreciating your style, Hades footwear could be perfect for you.

There really are some killer heels on offer from Hades, from a couple of inches high to tottering heels of six inches or more. The heels themselves can be studded and chrome plated, made from stainless steel or featuring a sexy platform heel - to make sure you really do stand high and stand out in your Hades shoes or boots.

Look devilish and delicious at any event

With sizzlingly hot Hades shoes you can be the centre of attention wherever you go. These edgy items of footwear come in colours from classic gothic black to deep brown, scarlet red, angelic white and numerous others. If you buy a pair it will ensure that wherever you are you will stand out and turn heads with your unique, underground style. These shoes are special, they are stunning and they are YOU!