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New Rock M.TR003-S1 New Rock M.TR010-S1  Black Real Leather Woman's Goth/Military Half-Boots New Rock M.NEWMILI19-S1 Black leather knee-high boots. New Rock M.TR005-S1
New Rock M.TR003-S1
Our Price: £126.99
New Rock M.TR010-S1
Our Price: £127.72
New Rock M.NEWMILI19-S1
Our Price: £133.99
New Rock M.TR005-S1
Our Price: £135.72
New Rock M.TRO79-S4 Goth Woman's Leather Ankle Boot  with Skull and Razor Blade New Rock M.SEVE02-S1 New Rock M.Seve22-S1 New Rock M.7919-S1  Woman's Real Leather Half-Boot
New Rock M.TR079-S4
Our Price: £139.99
New Rock M.SEVE02-S1
RRP: £169.99
Our Price: £140.00
Save £29.99!
New Rock M.Seve22-S1
RRP: £160.00
Our Price: £144.99
Save £15.01!
New Rock M.7919-S1
Our Price: £145.22
New Rock M.924-S1 Unisex Gothic Black  Leather Ankle Boot New Rock M.8330-S1 Woman's Real Leather Boot New Rock M.8373-S1 Woman's Leather Mid-Calf Gothic Boot New Rock M.407-S1
New Rock M.924-S1
Our Price: £147.16
New Rock M.8330-S1
Our Price: £150.00
New Rock M.8373-S1
Our Price: £150.60
New Rock M.407-S1
Our Price: £152.10
New Rock M.5815-S10 New Rock M.563-S1  Classic Black Real Leather Ankle Boot For Goths New Rock M.TR050-S1 Woman's Leather Goth/Biker Boot New Rock M.9873-S1
New Rock M.5815-S10
Our Price: £152.96
New Rock M.563-S1
Our Price: £155.00
New Rock M.TR050-S1
Our Price: £156.00
New Rock M.9873-S1
Our Price: £164.99
New Rock M.8304-S1 Woman's Real Leather Mid-Calf Gothic Boot with Chains and Skulls New Rock M.9811-S1 Woman's Real Leather Knee High Goth Boots New Rock M.313-S1 New Rock M.235-S1
New Rock M.8304-S1
Our Price: £169.99
New Rock M.9811-S1
RRP: £177.00
Our Price: £170.00
Save £7.00!
New Rock M.313-S1
RRP: £196.45
Our Price: £180.82
Save £15.63!
New Rock M.235-S1
RRP: £198.99
Our Price: £180.99
Save £18.00!
New Rock M.9831-S1 New Rock M.236-S1 New Rock M.8272-S1 New Rock M.391T-S1 Unisex Punk/Goth Boot
New Rock M.9831-S1
RRP: £220.95
Our Price: £184.99
Save £35.96!
New Rock M.236-S1
RRP: £214.99
Our Price: £188.99
Save £26.00!
New Rock M.8272-S1
RRP: £193.49
Our Price: £190.95
Save £2.54!
New Rock M.391T-S1
Our Price: £194.99
New Rock M.575-S1
New Rock M.575-S1
RRP: £214.43
Our Price: £200.94
Save £13.49!

New Rock boots – kick ass and take names

When it comes to gothic boots there are only a few brand names that are worth knowing. Perhaps the biggest is New Rock, and here at Gothic Angel you can find a kick-ass range of women’s New Rock boots.

These superb stompers are just what you need if you want to make statement with your footwear. The range of New Rock boots today includes platforms, stiletto heels and a whole lot more, so for devastating alternative style that will get you noticed, look no further.

Gothic, biker, rock ‘n’ roll style is just a purchase away with this array of underground awesomeness. Just take a look at some of the dangerously delicious pairs for sale right here and imagine yourself strutting and stomping down the street, through your favourite club or standing tall at a killer gig.

Whether your style is steampunk, cyber or something completely different, a pair of New Rock boots will work. These bold and brash boots don’t apologise or sit shyly in a corner. They stand tall and proud, they kick ass and they take names. So just remember this name: New Rock.