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New Rock M.235-S1
Our Price: £151.59
New Rock M.SEVE02-S1
Our Price: £140.00
New Rock M.8304-S1
Our Price: £136.99
Demonia Assault-202 Boot
Our Price: £112.99
Demonia Bravo-109
Our Price: £105.99
Demonia RANGER-302
Our Price: £99.95
Demonia Assault-101
Our Price: £98.95
Demonia Charade-206
Our Price: £98.95
Demonia Bear-202
Our Price: £94.99
Demonia GRIP-101
Our Price: £94.95
Demonia Camel-201
Our Price: £92.99
Demonia Grip-101
Our Price: £91.99
Demonia MEGA-618
Our Price: £91.95

Gothic platform boots: footwear that kicks ass

Here at Gothic Angel our footwear does not compromise. Yes you can expect comfort and quality but we do not do sensible shoes and you will see that from these gothic platform boots. What we do offer is footwear that kicks ass, and some fine examples of such stomping boots can be found right here.

Our women’s platform boots are perfect for parties, clubs, clomping through town and general destruction. You could probably crush a car in some of these goth boots if the need arose. It may not, but it’s good to know!

Underground labels such as New Rock and Demonia can be found on this site, so you know you are getting some serious boots that can keep up with you. With studs, buckles, straps and spikes these boots are not everyone’s cup of tea. They are not a cup of tea at all, in fact. They are a large bourbon, a tequila slammer, a flaming shot of over proof rum! So, let’s hope you’re feeling thirsty.

Whether your niche runs from cyber to military, fetish or punk, the perfect kick-ass gothic boots are ready and waiting.