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Demonia-SPRITE-04 Gothic Woman's  Mary Jane Shoe DEMONIA CHARADE-05, Woman's Black Goth/Lolita  2 inch Platform Mary-Jane Shoe with 4.5inch Heel in sizes Uk 3 to 9 Demonia EMILY-221 Demonia EMILY-302
Demonia SPRITE-04
Our Price: £61.99
Demonia CHARADE-05
Our Price: £62.95
Demonia EMILY-221
Our Price: £64.95
Demonia EMILY-302
Our Price: £64.95
Demonia Mary Jane "Sprite-02" Demonia ABBEY-03 Demonia CHARADE-28 Bordello Teeze-05
Demonia ABBEY-03
Our Price: £65.95
Demonia CHARADE-28
Our Price: £65.95
Bordello Teeze-05
Our Price: £68.95
Demonia Kera-09 Mary Jane Platform Shoe Demonia Sprite-02 Mary-Jane Gothic Platform Shoe Demonia Grip-01 Demonia Creeper-306
Demonia Kera-09
Our Price: £69.99
Demonia Sprite-02
Our Price: £69.99
Demonia Grip-01
Our Price: £73.99
Demonia Creeper-306
Our Price: £76.99
Demonia Ladies Gothic Creeper-215 T/Strap & Bat Charm Demonia- Goth Creeper-219 Demonia Leopard Creeper-306 Demonia Cramps-06
Demonia Creeper-215
RRP: £76.99
Our Price: £76.99
Demonia Creeper-212
Our Price: £79.80
Demonia Cramps-06
Our Price: £87.99

Move up in the world with the perfect platform shoes

Think of platform shoes and you might think of 70s jokers with mutton chops and kipper ties. Even worse you might think of the 90s travesty that was the Spice Girls. The manufactured ‘girl power’ shower of [insert apt word!] did this style of footwear no favours, but that’s probably a good thing. It means that today platform shoes are largely the reserve of alternative types who know what is cool and how to express themselves.

Goth style platform shoes give you the benefit of height without the drawback of unsteadiness that comes with some high heels. That means they are great at gigs to get a better view of the band without slipping and sliding on spilled beer and empty cans. Platforms have the double bonus of comfort and style, so you can wear them practically anywhere and always look dangerously cool.

Features on the platform shoes available at Gothic Angel include chains, buckles, ribbons, stars, skulls and two-tone designs so they’re ideal whether you love a rockabilly, punk or Lolita look. Multiple colours and patterns are here for you to peruse too, so check out these sensational styles and move up in the world with some awesome platforms.