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Demonia Gothika-100 Gold Demonia Tesla-12 Brown Hades Sky Captain Hades Ana Bolena Black
Demonia Gothika-100 Gold
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Demonia Tesla-12 Brown
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Hades Sky Captain
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Hades Ana Bolena Black
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Steampunk Clothing & Boots: Putting Brassy Guts of the Gizmos on the Outside

Steampunk heaved into brassy mechanical life as a science fiction subgenre in the 1980s. Romanticising Victorian art and science, it asked what if the good people of the 19th century had digital technology; what would that look like? Today, Steampunk fashion is certainly a million miles from the utilitarian smooth edges of your mp3 players and modern day gadgets. The physical manifestation of a future which never happened, it puts all the lovely guts of the gizmos on the outside.

As a subculture, Steampunk encourages customisation and invention but of a historical kind. Picture women’s Victorian fashion: silhouettes with corsets, heavy skirts and keep sake accessories in a palate of copper, bronze and brown. Now replace the lace with pocket watches, cogs, goggles, hats and even add the odd homemade pistol.

Churning out a good proportion of Steampunk is the UK’s intoxicating Spin Doctor brand, as well as labels New Rock and Demonia, all of which you will find in abundance at Gothic Angel Clothing. A fashion heavily influenced by industry, scientific discovery, colonialism and exploration, Steampunk clothing and bronze gear laden black boots are always better when bigger! And as only the most robust outfit will endure the musky streets of a Sci-fi Victorian era, steel plates are a must have accessory!

And if you ladies need a helping hand with inspiration, then may we turn your attention to Spindoctor’s line of clothing for the intrepid adventurer in mind - Fire up the airship!