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DEMONIA CHARADE-05, Woman's Black Goth/Lolita  2 inch Platform Mary-Jane Shoe with 4.5inch Heel in sizes Uk 3 to 9 New Rock M.563-S1  Classic Black Real Leather Ankle Boot For Goths New Rock M.TR050-S1 Woman's Leather Goth/Biker Boot
Demonia CHARADE-05
Our Price: £62.95
New Rock M.563-S1
Our Price: £155.00
New Rock M.TR050-S1
Our Price: £156.00

Tattoo style fashion for alt arty ink lovers

Tattoos are cool. There. We’ve said it. Your parents will tell you not to get them but that’s because they are parents and therefore uncool. So tattoos: cool; parents: uncool. Now that we’ve got that straight you can relax and have a gander at the extensive range of tattoo style clothing, footwear and accessories we have here at Gothic Angel.

These items from the top underground labels around will work particularly well if you are inked with your own collection of body art, but even if you don’t have any tats these pieces will look super cool. Garments such as the Pamela Mann ‘Love’ Tattoo Tights are even designed to make it look like you tattoos when you don’t. So, even your parents couldn’t complain about those. And items such as these could help you decide whether a real tattoo is for you or not.

Tattoo style clothing for a rock ‘n’ roll look

So, whether you have tats or not you can look edgy and awesome with the clothing available right here. Check out the cult clothing labels, such as Pamela Mann, Hell Bunny, Iron Fist and Demonia. They offer top quality alternative clothes and accessories that will last, and look pretty damn hot too. These clothes will compliment tattoos or show that you have a penchant for stylish body art.

Many of the items on sale here at Gothic Angel feature bold tattoo style images of everything from a skull and crossbones to large stylised flowers and classic sailor tattoo designs. Here you can find dresses, tops, t-shirts and much more with a retro tat feel. There is something for everyone here, as long as you have an appreciation for rock ‘n’ roll style and you are not afraid to look damn fine!

Tasty tattoo style shoes

As well as the awesome clothing at Gothic Angel there is a startling selection of tasty tattoo style shoes and boots. Just check out the Iron Fist Society Suicide Welly for example, with its old school rose and swallow print, or the Demonia Zombie-08 peep-toe shoes with their zombie skeleton design – perfect footwear for Halloween parties!

You can choose from chunky heels to stilettos, canvas trainers, wellies and much more to complete your tattoo-inspired look. This means you can look rock ‘n’ roll whether you are out clubbing, hanging out with friends or having it large at a festival!

So, whether you have been inked or not you can look super cool thanks to the tattoo style clothing, footwear and accessories available here at Gothic Angel. Cop an eyeful of our amazing products from the best cult labels around and invest in some rockin’ alternative fashion today because, as we established, tattoos are cool! (parents: uncool).