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Demonia DAISY-07
Our Price: 45.95
Iron Fist Ruff Rider Platform
Our Price: £59.95
Save £10.00!
Demonia DYNAMITE-03
Our Price: 50.95
Demonia DYNAMITE-01
Our Price: 52.95
Demonia CHARADE-05
Our Price: 55.95
Demonia PACE-01
Our Price: 56.95
Demonia DANK-108
Our Price: 56.95
Demonia GOTHIKA-09
Our Price: 58.95
Demonia Trashville-519
Our Price: 59.95
Demonia EMILY-221
Our Price: 64.95
Demonia EMILY-302
Our Price: 64.95
Demonia EMILY-306
Our Price: 64.95
Demonia CHARADE-28
Our Price: 64.95
Demonia Charade-35
Our Price: 68.95
Demonia RANGER-301
Our Price: 69.95
Demonia Click-04
Our Price: 69.99
Demonia Fury-100
Our Price: 71.95
Demonia Click-02
Our Price: 72.99
Demonia Kera-09
Our Price: 74.99
Demonia Abbey-08
Our Price: 75.99
Demonia Creeper-215
Our Price: 76.99
Demonia Cramps-02
Our Price: 78.98
Demonia Cramps-03
Our Price: 78.98
Demonia Trashville-518
Our Price: 80.99
Demonia Cramps-06
Our Price: 82.99
Demonia BRAVO-100
Our Price: 88.95
Demonia Camel-201
Our Price: 89.99
Demonia BRAVO-106
Our Price: 90.99
Demonia GOTHIKA-209
Our Price: 92.95
Demonia GRIP-101
Our Price: 94.95
Demonia Assault-101
Our Price: 94.95
Demonia Bear-202
Our Price: 94.99
Demonia Bravo-23
Our Price: 95.99
Demonia Charade-206
Our Price: 98.95
Demonia Shaker-101 Boot
Our Price: 98.95
Demonia Bravo-109
Our Price: 98.99
Demonia RANGER-302
Our Price: 99.95
Demonia Cramps-200
Our Price: 112.99

Vegetarian/vegan shoes & boots

Meat may be murder but that’s no excuse for bad shoes. That’s what we think at Gothic Angel Clothing anyway. If you have a fondness for nature’s leather providers and you feel – like quiff-loving muso Morrissey – that meat is murder, we have no problem with that. What we do have a problem with though, is terrible footwear. So, to help all of you animal and alt fashion lovers out we stock a sensational selection of vegetarian and vegan shoes and boots. Our veggie footwear is just as stylish as anything you might have to slaughter a poor cow for, and of course this way you can look cool as a MOFO without feeling you have blood on your hands…or feet. Whatever.

Don’t have a cow man: choose veggie footwear

As you can see from the selection of shoes on this page, you don’t need to buy leather shoes to look good. Whatever you style you can find some vegan shoes to suit your alternative tastes right here. The styles of vegetarian and vegan footwear available here range from rockabilly to fetish, from steampunk to Lolita. Whatever your favourite cult style you can kit yourself out with the ideal alternative shoes here at Gothic Angel.

For teddy boys, or girls, there are some cool brothel creepers in various designs with classic crepe soles. If you are a punk princess perhaps you would prefer some tartan stomper boots or if classic goth is your bag there are many fetching big black boots to peruse. Check out the range and see which pieces of veggie footwear get you in the mood.