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8 festivals you MUST attend this summer

Summer is coming, which means that the festival season is nearly upon us. For anyone who is a fan of music, wild costumes, and general shenanigans, the festival circuit is definitely the place to be. Where else can you see your favourite goth, rock, metal and alternative artists all in one weekend, while enjoying good…

Clan of Xymox – Matters of Mind, Body & Soul

Clan of Xymox’s discography ranges across all areas of the dark alternative underground, having begun in roots of deep, moody new wave with morose overtunes, lightening to a softer brand, returning to gothic rock, and seeming to settle in modern electro-rock darkwave tropes. The style has been their championing signature since 2003’s Farewell, and while…

Review: Specimen – Wake the Dead

It’s been an on-again, off-again 30 years, but Specimen have finally returned with a new album. Specimen’s legacy as a deathrock linchpin is well documented in underground journalism and analyses, particularly the fashion sense of former keyboardist Jonny Slut. Other bands in the genre like Alien Sex Fiend and Christian Death have enjoyed more prolific…

Review: Attrition – The Unraveller of Angels

The long-standing moniker of Martin Bowes’s Attrition has lurked far beneath the radar of even the underground, despite having been established for over three decades and creating a legacy of unmatched spooky tunes. Sliding comfortably into this or that genre, Attrition’s elusive presence has dabbled in every imaginable genre this side of the alternative. Even…

Review: Inkubus Sukkubus – Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell

It would be misguided, perhaps even unfair, to expect a new Inkubus Sukkubus record to deviate too far from their path of Paganistic rock n roll, a twist of darkwave, ethereal, and rock that has become unique to their namesake. The trio of Candia, Tony, and Bob have carved out a niche that has yet…

Review: Love is Colder than Death – Tempest

In medieval castles and moonlit forests lurk the sinister orchestrations of Love is Colder than Death, a pioneering cloud of despair originating from the antediluvian eras of classical stratospheres. Tempest is the group’s first studio album in over a decade, having been prevalent throughout the 90s before dropping off around the turn of the century….

Review: Gary Numan – Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)

Crafting respectable music in these post- ‘Cars’ times has always been an important part of Gary Numan’s vision as an artist. Ever since he hit his stride with 1994’s Sacrifice, his explorations of darkwave and industrial have renewed his credibility as an artist. Yet, for all the newfound success and the frequent mentioning of his…

Review: Diorama – Even the Devil Doesn’t Care

Diorama’s penchant for auditory explanation is approached with a finesse that is rare to find in modern darkwave music. The dark synthpop is as present as ever on their latest offering, Even the Devil Doesn’t Care, but fans can’t know exactly what to expect outside of those parameters. The band’s eighth studio album tones down…

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