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A nice day for a black wedding…tying the knot goth-style

If you are lucky enough to have found a mate who is just as enamoured with all things Goth as you are, congratulations! Keep hold of that one, he (or she) is a good’un. If you’ve really hit the jackpot and not managed to kill each other during the early stages of your relationship, have…

Links in the Rue Morgue: May round-up

Every month we’re going to do a roundup of delightful, dark and interesting links from around the web. If you’re stuck for something to read this month, just click your way through this list and I guarantee you’ll be dragged down a rabbit hole of gothicky goodness. Onward, with the links: Gothic fashion blogger Sophistique…

8 festivals you MUST attend this summer

Summer is coming, which means that the festival season is nearly upon us. For anyone who is a fan of music, wild costumes, and general shenanigans, the festival circuit is definitely the place to be. Where else can you see your favourite goth, rock, metal and alternative artists all in one weekend, while enjoying good…

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