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What’s been happening in Goth world in the last month or so?

I haven’t done a big-ass roundup of what’s been happening in the news relating to the Goth community and what other Gothy bloggers are up to for a few weeks now. However, being as the shitshow that is 2016 is now in its death throes I am going to dedicate this post to a quick-and-dirty…

What in the name of Christ is all this “killer clown” crap!?

So, the clown thing. I know you know what I’m talking about, but if anyone can fill me in on why it is happening, I’m all ears. In case you have been living under a rock for the last month or have the natural sense of self-preservation necessary to avoid dark alleys and shady underpasses,…

Halloween for hermits: Five creepy Wikipedia pages to do your head in

I generally find that the Goth collective divides into two distinct sections come Halloween-those that like to mix it and get messy with a night out, party or woodlands rave, and them as like to be on their own and enjoy the night in their own way. For the latter, I have found that on…

Funky-assed zombie themed makeup for funky-ass Goths

I love me some makeup, I mean really. There’s nothing I won’t buy or try, and I am particularly enamoured of Korean makeup and skincare, because it is so varied and different and interesting. I get a couple of different Korean beauty subscription boxes each month because I need a bit of direction in terms…

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