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In your gothic garden – 5 spooky plants and herbs to grow

As numerous gothic films and books have demonstrated, gardens can be more than just pretty blooms. The garden can be a mysterious, romantic and sometimes terrifying place. Crumbling gothic mansions are always surrounded with extensive, labyrinthine spaces, where one might find a hidden grotto or a long-forgotten grave. Of course, you probably don’t have the…

Links in the Rue Morgue: May round-up

Every month we’re going to do a roundup of delightful, dark and interesting links from around the web. If you’re stuck for something to read this month, just click your way through this list and I guarantee you’ll be dragged down a rabbit hole of gothicky goodness. Onward, with the links: Gothic fashion blogger Sophistique…

Review: Bella Lune – Secrets

Out of all the bands keeping alive the ethereal cries of 80s doom and gloom, Arizonan darkwave band Bella Lune have managed to accomplish as much with a gentle and fragile finesse. Since 2007, songwriting duo Fuchsia Angel and Kal3id have crafted tunes welded with the spacious soundscapes of Cocteau Twins, the pouty post-punk of…

Review: Android Lust – Crater, Vol. 1

One of the most remarkable features of Android Lust’s career has always been the voice of its mastermind, Shikhee D’iordna. The manic and emotional stylistics of Shikhee’s vocals are a welcome reprieve from the homogenous cookie monster grunts of today’s popular oontz oontz. So when an album that enters the Android Lust catalogue is largely…

Baby Poo

Alternative people tend to be fairly alternative from day one – it’s something inside. I know that I was always getting in trouble even at pre-school right from the ages of two and three, and I wasn’t being obstructive, I just do things differently. As an adult, it’s a great skill! I heard a story…

Do Goths Have More Weird Illnesses?

A strange phenomenon that has been manifested by my most Gothic sister should be explored: weird diseases and accidents. We need a survey! Do people who let their inner lives play out publicly through costume or behaviour manifest or express more unusual physical phenomenon? My sister’s physical freak-outs include: most of the skin falling off…

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