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  • Womens Muertos Hoodie (by Iron Fist) Womens Muertos Hoodie (by Iron Fist)

    Womens Muertos Hoodie (by Iron Fist)


Gothic hoodies for casual cult style

Hoodies are some of the most versatile items of clothing available today. Almost everyone from boring old blokes to young scallywag teenagers wear hoodies, because they are cool and comfortable. However, you probably don’t want to look like either of them! That is why here at Gothic Angel we keep a stash of super cool gothic, alternative hooded sweatshirts that we reckon you will love.

Have a gander at the garments on this page from top underground brands such as Iron Fist and pick out your favourites. Whether you want simple, plain hoodies or hooded tops with a bit more colour and flare, you are in the right place. Likewise, whether your style is goth, punk, rockabilly or tattoo, Gothic Angel has what you need.

Dark style, comfort and quirkiness with gothic hoodies

If you like the comfort and versatility that hoodies offer but you don’t want to join the fashion mainstream with hooded tops from the high street, this is the place to be. Spit in the face of middle of the road style by choosing an alternative hoodie that represents your personality and your interests.

Defy the mainstream and go for a super cool gothic top like the Iron Fist Kissing Cousins Hoodie. This hoodie has an awesome skull and crossbones print in a tattoo style and matching pattern on the inside of the hood. Another great option is the Iron Fist Marilyn Misfit Hoodie, with its large quirky print of Marilyn Monroe on the front, wearing an eye patch (why the hell not?)

These hooded tops and the others available here at Gothic Angel offer dark style and an alternative aesthetic, as well as sumptuous comfort and warmth. Who says fashion and function are mutually exclusive? Comfortable clothes can be cool and these tops are proof of that.

Little black riding hood

If you love the little black riding hood look that a goth girl can get with the right hoodie then what are you waiting for? The perfect cult style women’s hooded sweatshirts are here for the taking – so take one why dontcha?!

A hoody can give you a mysterious look and look particularly fetching when paired with a pair of skinny black jeans and a black leather jacket. Think of Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the awesome goth looks that she puts together with a hoodie and biker jacket. Finish your outfit with some stomping boots, the right devilishly dark makeup and a striking hairdo and you will be ready to rock.