A True Gothic Limousine Service!

For most of the general public, travelling in a limousine is the ultimate in class and luxury. Nothing beats a stretch limo driven by a chauffeur while you quaff champagne (why does everyone ‘quaff’ champagne as opposed to drinking or sipping it?) in the backseat in comfort. Yet this is all terribly boring if you are of a gothic persuasion. Our style is outrageous and a representation of who we are and what we feel inside. As a result, those interested in gothic style that live life on their terms are sometimes shunned by the ‘traditional’ elements of society. Therefore, finding special services such as a limousine company that caters specifically to the gothic is difficult to say the least.

The Drive of your Life
This is why is such a rare find. It is a limousine company with a difference. Instead of driving down the street in the usual vulgar manner in a white limo or boring black number, this service provides you with a fully customised; pimped out limo exactly the way you want it. You can parade around the town in a car that turns heads and laugh yourself silly as ‘conventional’ people are aghast at the spectacle unfolding in front of their beady little eyes.
This is our absolute favourite service offered by the company. Is there anything more gothic than driving away from your own wedding in a limousine covered in skulls, crossbones, tombstones, lightning bolts, flames or any other design that develops in your fertile mind? While everyone does the normal limo thing at weddings which is forgotten about five minutes later, you can buck the boring wedding trend by creating your very own gothic scene which will probably never be forgotten by those in attendance. Gothic couples tend to opt for a hearse which is just awesome as you drive off in a car associated with mortality moments after saying “Till death do us part.”

If you’re not planning to get married anytime soon, you can also paint the town black and hire out a hearse/limo for a prom, stag/hen night, Halloween party (bit passé but whatever) and even birthday parties. As far as we can tell, the company site has been inactive for quite some time now so we have no idea if they even exist anymore. Hopefully they are still in business because an alternative limo service really is a cool idea and they deserve to be successful.
A gothic world is one where mundane and the traditional people are not so much the enemy as they are misguided. The funny thing is, contemporary society says the exact same thing about us! I think the lesson here is that there is little in this world that is truly universally bizarre. While we think that arriving to a wedding in a hearse is pretty funny, there are those who see it as a stain on the holy act of marriage or something like that. While piercings and tattoos are fun for us, they’re a painful eyesore for others. In a nutshell, it is important to

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