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Alternative people tend to be fairly alternative from day one – it’s something inside. I know that I was always getting in trouble even at pre-school right from the ages of two and three, and I wasn’t being obstructive, I just do things differently. As an adult, it’s a great skill!

I heard a story yesterday that tickled my biscuit in terms of young kids acting out weird, and apparently this is DEFINITELY true:

My friend’s sister had a problem when she was three. Another little kid who lived on their street – a boy, around the same age – was obsessed with her and used to follow her around constantly. One day they were playing in the street with her doll. All three participants, the little boy, the little girl and the doll, were wearing nappies. At one point the little girl went into the house for a moment and the little boy seized his chance. He took a big poo out of his own nappy, took the nappy off the doll, chucked the doll away and replaced it in the nappy with his poo. He had effectively dressed his poo as her baby. When this story was being explained, it was hard not to think that it was meant that the boy put the poo in the doll’s nappy, but no, he replaced the doll with the poo.

Surely this has some deep Freudian or Jungian explanation? I know that poo is seen as a great creation by little children, so he may have meant it as a great gift. Weird that he obsessed on her at such a young age and chose to express it in this way. I think she was upset when she came back and found what had happened, so his master-plan did not pan out well! Can anyone shed any light on this?

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