Bathing in darkness (Can’t resist a good pun, me)


Twitter, Tumblr and other festering pits of social media-ism have been blowing up this month over Gothy bath products, a large and generally untapped market that I am surprised no one stumbled upon sooner.

Heading up the charge is this black bath bomb by Bella Muerte, which costs just £3 and is guaranteed to make your bath dark and twisty (and I suspect, a nightmare to clean too).


Other options are this mucky-looking hell fury bath bomb, which I’m not sure that I’d go for because I’m something of a bath traditionalist in that I don’t think you should get out of the tub in more of a mess than you were when you went in.


Anyway, if shit like this rocks your boat, there are plenty of options out there, and I’ve scratched through the dirt to find some of the best bathing and showering products for Goths.

Black toothpaste

Having a black coloured toothpaste might seem counter-intuitive, but apparently such products are charcoal-based, which is allegedly good for cleaning your gnashers as well as lighting your barbecue.


The fact that it looks like a giant shiny black turd isn’t helping its case with me, but when even high street brands such as Beverly Hills start getting in on the game, you have to wonder if it’s worth a whirl. Find out more here.

Activated charcoal soap


Black soap is a thing too, again using charcoal, and is reputed to be very good for acne-prone or oily skin when it comes to getting your face in order. The rather nice bar shown above comes from Ravenscourt Apothecary, and costs just £4.

Goth Juice hair gel


This black pot of garish violet goo by Lush definitely looks the part, and has the name to go with it. Stripy Tights and Dark Delights took one for the team and tried it out, with mixed results; but to be honest I agree with her that it is worth getting as a novelty if nothing else!

Coal shampoo


More coal! Coal is apparently big in bathroom circles. This elegant glass bottle of shampoo from Sort of Coal will look awesome in any Goth’s shower, but the company that makes it is Danish and so the shipping costs may be prohibitive.

What is the Gothest thing in your bathroom? Tell me in the comments.

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