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It came to my attention this week that for all of the makeup-related posts that I have written in the last couple of years, I have yet to write a post on one of the Goth staples, being how to white yo’ face.

I am aware of course that not everyone goes full white these days, and I myself am one of them-I am naturally pretty pale and pasty anyway, and so I tend to use a light translucent powder if anything at all. Anyway, I have probably tried most forms of whitening at some point in my long and less than illustrious history of being drunk in charge of makeup, and I have also canvassed my friends on their views as well. So with this in mind, I’m going to share my tips on products and techniques for whitening your face.

 Pan stick


Pan stick is of course the go-to staple for many Goths, and it is cheap, provides thick coverage, and can be bought from a wide range of different places.

However for me, pan stick has no other redeeming features-it is thick, greasy and sits in a layer on your skin that will both clog your pores and rub off on your collar and everything else that touches it too. Nasty.

Colour correctors


Colour correcting makeup comes in hues of yellow, green and lavender, and is intended to correct red or sallow patches of skin by balancing it out. However, it can also be used to the opposite effect-to enhance a pale look by the judicious use of colours that are designed to tone down redness or brighten sallow skin.



Using a powder shade a couple of graduations paler than your actual skin tone can make you look significantly paler than the norm, and some of the shades aimed at peely-wally skin can be incredibly translucent and give you a very ethereal look.

Some powder formulations are of course powdery and make you look a little powdery-but with all of the new mineral-type foundations available today, it is entirely possible to find a powder that does not give you a chalky effect if you prefer.

Stage makeup formulations


Pan stick is of course one type of stage makeup, but not the only one-stage makeup today is big business, and of course, is designed to be able to achieve a whole range of different effects depending on what you are aiming for.

Stage makeup can help to produce a natural white face, contouring highlights and much more-give it a whirl if you ever find yourself in the vicinity of a good retailer.

White foundation


Finally, white foundation now exists too, running from cheaper end of the market brands like Manic Panic, right through to fancy fancy fancy. This is generally a fairly generic shade of white, but the formulation is nicer and less smothering-feeling than pan stick.

 What do you use to white your face? Tell me in the comments.

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