Breaking in your giant boots

Every Goth worth their eyeliner owns at least one pair of big-assed clunky boots, and provided that they fit well and are of good quality, should soon become your most comfortable pair of footwear, and last you for several years. I tend to get very attached to my shit-kickers, and only retire them once they are well past the point of viable repair, and every puddle I stomp through leaves me with wet feet. This is partially due to the fact that I always seem to have problems wearing in my new pair and getting them comfortable, something that can only be achieved with time, patience, and in my case, blisters.

However, I have found through trial and error (and recently having worn in my latest purchase, these very awesome “Riot” boots by Demonia) that there are a few ways to make the process less painful, and because I’m not a totally cold-hearted bitch, I’m going to share some of my acquired wisdom with you now.


Gothy Two-Shoes also loves her Demonias, and has some more tips for taking care of them, here.

Get the right fit

No boots are going to wind up comfortable and snuggly if they don’t fit you properly in the first place. Spending north of £100 on a pair of good quality boots is a sound investment, but you’ll be pissing money up the wall if they simply don’t fit right from the get-go.

What makes a pair of boots fit well will depend on a whole lot more than the size, and you’ll need to find a brand and style that fits you, which may mean that some of the boots that you really like the look of might just not be right for your feet. My feet are both wide and have a stupidly high instep, so buying footwear is always a game and a half for me, but keep looking until you find a good fit, and you won’t regret it.


This is me. Ok yeah, it’s totally not.

The Vampire Freaks forum has some more tips on picking the right fit and wearing in your boots too.

Get the right laces, and lace properly

Lace up boots usually come with laces (right?!) but this doesn’t mean that they’re the right laces for you. Find a style of laces you like (in terms of material, thickness and stretch) and pair them with your new purchase, making sure you buy a pair long enough to be comfortable before your boots are fully worn in. Getting the right laces and taking the time to lace ya boots properly will help a great deal.


Nourish the leather

Leather boots require care to keep them in good condition, and to make the leather supple. Invest in a good leather nourishing cream or compound, and use it regularly on your boots, especially when you are first wearing them in. Mother Earth News talks about nourishing leather boots in more detail here.

Wear the boots inside

Putting on your new shit kickers for the first time and then going off to an industrial rave might be tempting, but it also runs the risk of landing you in a world of pain a couple of hours later while your feet get used to your new boots and start arguing with them. I have made this mistake myself, and when I finally hobbled home and took my boots off, my feet were a real horror show of blood, callouses, blisters and nasty goo. As hardc0re Goth as this may first appear, it is not an experience I wish to repeat.

Wear your boots round the house, take them off when they start rubbing or being a pain, and expect to spend a couple of weeks wearing them in before they’re comfortable enough to go out stomping zombies in.

Trust me, you’ll thank me come the apocalypse.


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