Christmas survival for the Goth Grinch

To be fair, everyone else puts up with us running amok with joy come Halloween, and so it’s only reasonable that we put on our game faces and try not to glower all over everyone else’s Christmas. Unless you live in a special Goth colony (and if you do, feel free to send me the address) then you are probably bang in the middle of the eye of the shitstorm that is everyone else’s Christmas craziness, and are wondering how to cope.

With this in mind, here are my tips for surviving Christmas with your nearest and weirdest, especially if you’re going back to the ‘rents, as I am, and are likely to find yourself being the only Goth in the village.
Dial down the snark
I find it very hard not to be mightily sarcastic about Christmas, particularly when surrounded by half-cut, turkey-stuffed family members who are determined to set up a light show to rival Vegas in their front rooms. Don’t be “that Goth,” and remember that one glowering gitbag in the corner can really put a downer on everyone else’s day, so keep a lid on it and use the internet as your outlet for Christmas-related irony. Also, alcohol can help with this too.
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Have an exit strategy
Christmas is one of the worst times for catching cabin fever when you’re trapped with family for several days, nothing is open and possibly, you have no transport available to get away on. Make some time for yourself if you find yourself getting fraught, be that sneaking off to your room with a book for a couple of hours, or going out for a walk on your tod.
Take some entertainment
Christmas carols and the Queen’s speech not really your thing? Make sure you take your Ipod and a book with you, and download a couple of films to entertain yourself with when everyone else is watching the Bond movie and Downton Abbey. Also, headphones.
Have something to do
Helping with the cooking, decorating or some other practical endeavour will make the time go a little quicker, and you might even find that you enjoy yourself! If not, there’s always alcohol, as mentioned above.
You have no idea how long I have been waiting to use this image.
Be open minded
Christmas as a whole might make you cringe, but it does also give you the chance to spend some time with your loved ones and possibly, see family that you might not get to see throughout the rest of the year. Try not to fixate on the Christmas side of things, but on the positive aspects of the gathering, and don’t turn up glowering with the expectation of having a shit time. It is ok to enjoy Christmas- after all, it’s not as if you have to admit to it when you get back to real life, is it!
How are you going to survive Christmas? Tell me!

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