Cooking up trouble: Goth stuff for your kitchen


I’m going through a bit of a phase of trying to jazz up my home a little bit, which chiefly involves buying lots of bits and bobs of small, inexpensive accessories to add an edgy touch or otherwise break up the monotony somewhat.

I’ve already covered the bathroom side of things, which was fun because there is so much variety out there when it comes to cool shit for less than around £20, so now I’m turning my attention to the kitchen, and on the hunt to find the coolest, Gothest kitchen bits and bobs around.

This fits in nicely with my obsession with black coloured food, so with this in mind, this post will share some of my favourite Gothy kitchen stuff, which every Goth should obviously buy. This Pinterester has really committed to the theme too, with a huge range of pictures to provide some additional inspiration!

Skull egg corral


I’m loving this shit. This “egg corral” allows you to turn two eggs into the skull of your dreams, although I can see how the whole thing could go badly tits up and not come out of the pan looking like that if it was me cooking it. Buy it here for $4.95.

Black skull cookie jar


This is making me laugh more than it possibly should, but if cheesy Goth kitsch is your thing in the kitchen, this black skull cookie jar is a winner. It’s not cheap at $65, but it will make an excellent conversation piece on your coffee table or kitchen counter!

Bat mug


And to go with your cookie jar, behold, this totally fecking awesome black bat mug. I’m not sure that the handle is particularly user friendly, but being as it costs £22 anyway, it might be better used as an ornament than a drinking vessel (if you’re as clumsy as me).

Day of the Dead cookie cutters


AWWW! How cute. These Day of the Dead cookie cutters are just $9.95, but don’t get sucked in by the pretty decorations-you have to do that bit yourself.

 Jack and Sally salt and pepper shakers


Googling these gives you a metric fucktonne of variations and places to buy them, with an average price of around £15 plus shipping. I bet they’re a bugger to fill back up though!

What have you got in your kitchen? Tell me in the comments.

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