Dark humour: The best of the internet’s Goth memes, videos and other content

Perhaps one of the largest and most common assumptions that people make about Goths is that we are permanently miserable, and also as a result of this, have no sense of humour. This is obviously total bobbins, and when it comes to things that make me laugh (even when I’m not supposed to) my black-clad squad are my go-to resource for funny, sarcastic and often highly inappropriate giggle material.

Not only are Goths quick with the witty quips, but we are also pretty good at laughing at ourselves too-after all, if you can’t laugh at yourself, what’s the point? The internet is of course rich with Goth-centric piss taking, both in the friendly and the slightly more assholish manner, and the one uniting factor of both the Goth crew and the fluffy squad alike is that we all love a good Goth meme.

Goths In Hot Weather and Goths Up Trees are perhaps two of the best-known websites for WTF-style “Goths outside of their comfort zone” humour, but I’ve taken a snorkel down into the darker depths of the interwebs to find a few more Goth memes and hidden gems that I think are worth sharing with the class, and some links for where to find more.

Oh Mabel! The stereotypes!

One of the inevitable side-effects of being part of a particular subculture (or any culture, for that matter) is that often, you don’t realise that you’re being widely stereotyped by those outside of said group, or in what ways.

If you were asked to name a few Goth stereotypes (OMG WTF SATANISTS) you’d probably not run out of steam anytime soon, but it is always worth taking a look from the outside in on occasion to see what other folk are saying-and thinking-about what they think we are saying and thinking.

Here are a couple of my favourite Goth stereotype memes.

I dunno why this tickles me, having never smoked clove cigarettes nor knowing anyone who will admit to same.

Dressing inappropriately for the weather/task at hand is something that folk seem to think Goths are awesome at. While naturally this does happen-an internet’s worth of images tells us so-Sweaty Puddle Goth is an as-yet to be recognised subtype of the traditional group, and so pics like this usually amuse me.

I like this infographic in particular because it demonstrates a Goth stereotype that I recognised in myself and mentioned in last month’s blog post.

Smartarse humour

I like to be a smartarse as much as the next dude, but I am also mortally afraid of coming over as a hipster when I do-neatly demonstrating my above point about subcultures and stereotypes.

This is one of the many variants of the Rome meme doing the rounds, but I like the smart-assedness of it, neatly taking on hipster culture and Gothism in one swoop.

HA HA! Just… seriously. If you can’t handle a dodgy pun, you’re probably not going to want to be my friend.

Where to find all your Goth memey goodness

Sticking “funny Goth memes” into Google offers a lot of rich pickings, as well as a lot of dross. For the hardworking Goth who ain’t got time to go searching for that shit, here are a few of the sites I have bookmarked for funny new content.

Goth Memes is pretty much the largest Facebook group for piss-taking images of Goths and from Goths, and if you’ve found a hidden gem, you can submit your own too.

This user-collated Pinterest Board has introduced me to some new funnies that I haven’t found before, and also, made me keen to meet and befriend the girl who has this fucking top-notch tattoo:

Much as I hate to say it, Buzzfeed also tends to be fairly rich pickings for funny Goth images and content, so if you like your Goth humour with a light dose of airhead internet derision, this link may be the one for you.

Funny Goth videos

As far as I am concerned, nobody has any hope of beating two of YouTube’s finest video offerings:

Goths raving to Thomas the Tank Engine:

And this Bram Stoker Festival Goth flashmob:

Because I FUCKING LOVE flashmobs.

Goth comedians

Like your dark humour delivered face to face? Check out Bethany Black and Psycho Dave.

Goth jokes

Finally, if your internet goes out or some shit like the apocalypse comes, we’ll all be back to shitting in buckets and avoiding the zombies or something, in which case, we will need actual literal IRL jokes to tell face to face like weirdos.

I mean, I don’t actually have any to offer to you… So maybe you can hook me up in the comments.

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