Is Donald Trump mentally ill? Also, the apocalypse


I don’t think many Goths were exactly expecting happy things from the Trump presidency, but then I also doubt many of us could have predicted the mortal shitshow that his term of literally less than two weeks so far has actually become.

If you’re feeling like all of your worst fears have been realised, let me open with this happy thought; it’s worse for people actually in America (particularly anyone who is not a straight white, middle class Republican bloke, anyway) and not looking to improve soon, oh and we’ve also got Brexit to look forwards to for ourselves as well.

Meanwhile, to keep you from having a duvet day for the rest of the year, I’m going to intersperse this post with some of my favourite signs from the Women’s March on D.C. and other assorted Trump protests too.


Naturally, social media is full of people stating how shook they are by the way things are going at present, and in seeking an explanation for the literal insanity coming out of the puffy haired orange one, people are going with literally that-insanity, ie., that Trump is actually mentally ill.

For anyone having a “dur, obs” moment over this, you’re in good company. A large collective of mental health professionals formed a group PRIOR to his winning the election (but not the popular vote peeps, never forget that) called Citizen Therapists Against Trumpism, and their manifesto makes way more sense that it should when you’re talking about the leader of the free world.

So, is the ginger misogynist actually legitimately cuckoo? Let’s look at the arguments.


Clinton first called Trump out for his dangerous weirdness back when we all still had hope for pantsuit nation, stating that Trump is “temperamentally unfit” to be the president, something I strongly believe few people could objectively argue against.  However, this is apparently not enough to stop you winning the most powerful position in the world, and when Clinton was sidelined, there was no shortage of people waiting to take out the crazy-calling mantle.


Next, a wide and diverse range of qualified psychologists added fuel to the fire, opening with John Gartner writing for US News calling the ginger knobhead “dangerously mentally ill and temperamentally incapable of being president.

Then formed Citizen Therapists Against Trumpism (CTAT), which currently has well over ten thousand professional members. Now look here, if literally all of the mental health professionals in ‘Merica are calling Trump like, insane, shouldn’t someone be paying attention?


31 flavours of crazy

Anyway, what flavour of crazy do we all think Trump is displaying? Hope you’ve got a while, folks.

  • Narcissistic personality disorder
  • Psychosis
  • Grandiosity
  • Impulsivity
  • Hypersensitivity to criticism
  • Inability to distinguish reality from fantasy

In just the fortnight or so he’s been in office, he has displayed all of these traits in abundance and more-which I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you, are not desirable characteristics in the man who could very easily plunge us all into the next world war with a few words.


The weird religious angle

Was that enough for you? I hope not, because there is more. Trump’s complete lack of understanding or insight into Christian values while simultaneously courting the churchgoing voters like a horny teenager has even darker origins than his completely batshit insane moral compass, and actually has its foundations in the pseudo-religion (or as I like to call it, cult) that Trump subscribes to.

Have you ever heard of prosperity gospel? This vein of pseudo-Christianity (which is fully rejected by you know, actual Christians) are the evangelical preachers that tell you that God wants you to be rich and successful and have a blinged-out whip and nice things, and not only is it ok to be rich as assholes, you are entitled to it.

No really, this is a thing. Trump doesn’t just dabble at the edges of it either, he is a paid up member, and his inauguration was overseen by not one but two preachers of the prosperity gospel. Well, I suppose someone had to show up for the inauguration, anyway.


Now consider Trump, born into family money with little to no skills of his own, who basically shits gold elevators and has never had a problem sucking funds out of the rest of the world. Then imagine a “religion” that actually meshes with this view that it is not only ok, but his God-given right, and you’re looking at what happens when narcissistic personality disorder meets cult, and lets the dogs out for a run.

So far, we’ve seen legal American citizens turned away at their own airports, funding pulled from healthcare resources that have any connection to family planning, there’s apparently going to be a wall against Mexico, and by the time you read this another couple of days will have passed and something else will have happened, but you get the picture.

So, what happens now?

Let’s end with some fighting talk.


The petition to stop Trump’s state visit later this year will be debated in parliament on February 20th, having reached well over a million signatures in just a couple of days.

There are already pre-planning groups for the great mahoosive protest that we’re all going to be at (right?) when the overweight Wotsit finally does come to the UK.

It takes more than a mad president to make bad things happen-people actually have to agree with his bullshit and carry out his orders. Airport workers and customs officials have to put his Visa denials into action. Everyone has to nod and agree, for things to happen.

That’s what happened in Germany in the 1930’s, people. Let’s not go there again.

First they came for the immigrants-and we said “hell no motherfucker, we know how this ends. Not this time.”

The End.


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