Five random things that make you laugh every time

Have you ever been having a conversation with someone or just sitting around in company when you remember something funny and you laugh or snigger loudly enough for your mate to think that you’re a bit special, giggling away to yourself at nothing? Well, that happens to me all the time.

I am a bit funny about what I find funny, as it were-comedy, sitcoms, jokes and the like usually don’t trigger any reaction in me at all. However, like most Goths, I’m slightly weird in many ways, and never does this manifest more than when it comes to what makes me laugh.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to make a short list of five things that always make me laugh randomly-tell me about yours in the comments-and also, check out this thread on for more jokes from, to and about Goths as well!


I have spoken before about how funerals are kind of disrespectful in my family, and this has spread out its tentacles into something of a general theme for me. I have yet to attend a funeral that has not led to mad, laughing too hard to breathe entertainment at some point, and this theme continued earlier in the month when I helped my friend to host the wake for her mother’s funeral-by 10pm that night, both totally exhausted, we were crawling around on all fours in her living room to entertain her two dogs.


Vomit, seriously, is one of the funniest things in the world to me. While most people only need to hear the sounds of someone retching to feel their own stomach flip, I, on the other hand, lose my shit in an entirely different way.

I used to be as grossed out by vom as the next chick-until I was around 19 and gave mouth-to-mouth to a girl that had stopped breathing but still had a pulse. She promptly inhaled deeply, sat up and vomited all over me, including partially in my mouth.

Since that time-because that’s got to be the worst vomit-related thing that can ever happen to you, right? I have seen puke as a source of entertainment. Sometimes just faking, making the vomiting noises myself is enough to send me into spasms of laughter.

DbRcYA9That one joke

Everyone has “that one joke,” quip or funny comment that makes them giggle unexpectedly every time-and if you ever try to explain to someone why you’re giggling or what you’re finding funny, it always falls flat, so I won’t bore you with mine.

Dinner gone wrong

I can’t cook for shit; dinner gone wrong is a common occurrence in my home. When whatever I am trying to cook fails spectacularly, I find this hilarious, and the pinnacle of my dinner-ruining career involved a bowl of pasta, a slipper and a large, fat spider that I flattened with the slipper in a panic, only to see it fall straight into my pasta, losing pus-like goo as it went.

Scottish Twitter

Scottish Twitter is, in my opinion, the bare funniest thing on the internet, bar none.



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