Five top Goth lipstick picks (that aren’t black)

One thing that any Goth who can steer the internet or that enjoys the odd wander through Boots will no doubt know is that there is no shortage of different makeup brands peddling their wares at every turn, and the sheer number of ranges and shades available these days are, if anything, almost too prolific to make hunting down the perfect shade a simple task.

I love makeup, and treat buying as much of it as possible at every turn as something of a challenge, and as my everyday look involves bold eyebrows and a dark, bold lip with subtle eyes, my search for the best lip shade ever is something of an ongoing mission for me.

My Goth look is possibly rather more subtle than some-I am naturally pale anyway, which is amplified by my bright hair, and so with fleek eyebrows and a deep, dark lip, I feel as if I’m good to go. With this in mind, I’ve made up a list of my top five Goth lipstick picks (that aren’t black) for your delectation.

My current wildcard favourite

If I told you that this lip colour:


Came out of this tube:


You’d probably tell me to GTFO, no? Well it did. When I first started putting it on with the felt tip-style pen, it was pretty much the colour of the tube, but after I shook it up and got more colour to the tip, it turned out that dark queen of the night shade I am sporting above. Love the colour, love the endurance-but it is very drying, and the gloss stick at the other end of the pen is pretty naff. Still, for a cheap go-to, it’s a good’un.

Possibly the best dark lippy ever

If you’re looking for the ultimate timeless evil black cherry, it really does have to be Mac. Mac is one of my favourite brands when it comes to their colour ranges and the level of pigmentation, and their two permanent range Goth staples are Sin and Diva respectively, which are very similar at a glance, but very different when on.

This is Sin:


Which can be bought directly from Mac for around £15.

Richelle dark grey/blue liquid gloss


A deep or bright cyber-blue shade looks great in a gloss, and my favourite is a handmade Etsy offering that’s under £8, with deep pigmentation and that is also vegan friendly. Recommended for the short haired, if you’re anything like me and always find your hair sticking to your lips when you wear gloss!

Portland Black Lipstick Co. Artificial Amethyst


This subtle purple with hidden depths is called Artificial Amethyst, made by the Portland Black Lipstick Co., which I have only just discovered but am already planning on giving all of my money to.

Nyx Green


The above wonderfully deep and dark green shade comes courtesy of Nyx “Wicked” in green, which can be picked up in Boots for just £5.50. The other shades in the range are also worth a whirl too, particularly at that price.

Do you have a favourite Goth lippy? Check out some more ideas here, or tell me about your own in the comments.

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