Glam Goth: Bling up your look

black-unknown-fur-trimmed-coat-coat-black-uknown-bodice-top-unknown-lace-blo_400Most Goths suffer from an unusual but entirely understandable affliction: An allergy to glitter, rhinestones and other sparkly shit like that. After all, Rainbow Brite and My Little Pony aren’t really where your mind goes when you think of Goth, innit. However, I must admit that I am something of a sparklewhore (Also, that may become a forum name for me at some point in the future) and I am always looking for ways to add a bit of shiny tat to my daily Goth, within acceptable parameters.

My idea of Glam Goth is very put together and tailored, based on a black colour palate, and just adding the odd tasteful touch of sparkle or bling to finish off the look. Rebels Market agrees with me, and also further breaks down how to do Glam Goth with aplomb, accompanied by some really good images.

In terms of makeup, I finded me a good old YouTube tutorial that I personally approved of and that has good feedback from those that have tried it, here:

As well as this Tumblr blog of images, which is well worth a look, not least to find the photo that accompanies the caption “I look like a unicorn jizzed on my face.” J

Tips for adding a Glam Goth touch to your eyes

First of all a caution: Never trust glitter. It is the most unreliable of working mediums, and is like water in terms of the places it can get into, but with the staying power of superglue. Use with care, and store with equal care.

One of my favourite ways to add a glam touch is with a little black or dark blue makeup glitter for your eyes. Collection 2000 does a range of pots of glitter for your face, called “Dazzle Me,” and my current favourite is this one, called “Inky.”

Collection-2000-Dazzle-Me-Eye-Dust-Inky-18-186307Through trial and error, I have learned to harness the glitter beast by means of keeping one dedicated makeup brush for it, and storing this, along with the pot of glitter itself, in a Ziploc bag when not in use. I also use latex gloves when putting it on my face, along with tit tape… The reasons for this will shortly become clear.

tumblr_mfo4z06J6m1rtepflo1_500Getting a look like the above involves precision, something that glitter is not great for. First of all, use your tit tape to tape around the parts that you want to use the glitter on, to give sharp, clear borders. Then, get a TINY bit of glitter on your brush, and dust it off onto a piece of tissue, so that only the tiniest bit remains on the brush. You can always put more glitter on, but good luck getting it off if you use too much…

glitter-face-by-sing-loDust the glitter within the borders of your tape, check to see if you like it, and add more if needed. Never wipe at glitter, and never add water; you will only make things worse. Once you are happy with the amount of glitter you have used, carefully remove the tape and dispose of everything glittery somewhere far, far away from your other makeup.

This takes practice, trust me; And glitter is one of those substances that is apt to work amazingly well sometimes, and look shit at others for no earthly good reason, so if you’re planning a night out, get ready in plenty of time so that you can start again if needed.

maxresdefaultStrong work, young Jedi.

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