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Making crappy pasta pictures is about as far as my creative streak goes-I do not have the soul of an artist, other than when it comes to my makeup, in which case my styling is so sharp it might cut a bitch.

However, I seem to be in the minority there, and most Goth folk that I know are well into art and crafting, and some of my fellow batfolk are, in my opinion, highly talented.

With this in mind, I’ve had a rifle through the dusty cupboards of the internet to find myself some good art by modern-day Goths, so now I’m going to hook you up with some pictures and links to some of my favourites.

 Rosemary Giese’s Creepy Art

Check out this Youtube video by Goth artist Rosemary Giese, where she showcases some of her drawings and paintings.

Laurie Lipton


Laurie Lipton works with a black and white palette to produce large figurative works with a strong American Gothic theme to them, some of which are fairly Escher-esque in style (or, I’m making shit up as I go along).

Pear Berrie


As well as the established, large-scale professional artist types, there are a significant number of talented Goths doodling in pen and pencil in their spare time, and this type of thing is among my favourite stuff.

Check out this link for some examples.

For more good rifling through the internet’s closet of Gothy artists, Deviant Art is always a good start-and you may also want to check out Fuse’s list of ten modern-day Goth artists you should know about.

Can you draw stuff? Show me your work in the comments.

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