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One thing that most Goths have in common is a love of makeup in various different forms, and the art of using colour, shading and drama to create your look. I am a massive makeup fan myself, as you can probably tell by the liberal splattering or makeup-related blog posts I have put up over the last couple of years, but while I class myself to be reasonably competent with the brushes and paints I don’t claim to be any expert.

However, my friend’s sister’s daughter once removed or something is indeed an expert-a professional makeup artist, in fact, who often works on films and TV shows-and I sat her down and pumped her for some tips and tricks to pass on to my fellow Gothlings when it comes to doing your face.

So without further ado, let’s talk eyes, face and lips.

Mascara tips

It would be totally pointless to try and recommend any one black mascara, because everyone has their own ideas about what is the best, what works for them, and what look they want to achieve.

However, whatever mascara you use, the way you apply it and layer it can make a massive difference to the overall result. Use the wide part of the wand to fill in near to the lash line, and the narrow end to fill in the corners and any strays. Comb your lashes with a lash comb in between coats, and always let each coat dry before you apply the next one.


Or, ignore all of this to get the spider’s legs shown above.

Eyeliner tips

Eyeliner is another one of those makeup things where there are literally so many options for products and styles, it would be useless to try to lay out a one size fits all solution.

However, if you are having problems doing liner, try dotting it along your lash line and then filling it in, to avoid wonky lines. Also, to get the perfect cat eye, consider investing in a template guide for around a quid.


Makeup base

When it comes to base, Goths doing a traditional Goth look have different requirements than most people-who are looking for a subtle, natural look that seamlessly matches their skin tone.

However, when it comes to white makeup, blending into the hairline, neck and temples is still important, and using a setting spray will help to keep everything where it should be. Consider applying with a foundation brush rather than a sponge, for a smoother overall look.


If you can’t get to grips with working lip liner, keep trying. Liner helps to define your lips and prevent colour bleed, and it doesn’t have to be difficult to apply. Use a sharp pencil and warm it up in your hands slightly so that it is not too dry and stiff.


Simply apply to the “V” of your cupid’s bow first of all, and then join up the lines for a wobble-free look. To make your lips look bigger (Kylie Jenner etc.) you can also try overlining, or lining just outside of your natural lip line. If you’re going to try this, it is also worth investing in a bleed-proof pencil to use outside of the line, to keep it from going all clown on you.

Do you have some tips of your own? Tell me in the comments.

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