Goth news and commentary for September 2017

Welcome to September, oh happy month of joy… Why? The kids have all gone away again. You can now go shopping during the day, catch a bus without having to decode an Enigma’s worth of “school holiday” shorthand on timetables, and get a taxi without having to wait an hour. While this does of course mean that Winter is Coming (yep, still with the GoT) take the win, if only for a week or so.

In this blog post I’m going to bore on with some more Game of Thrones fangirling because obviously this will be my last chance until late 2018 or even 2019, (also, spoilers) and hook you up with a roundup of the latest recommended content from other blogging Goths, and news from the Goth world at large.

Did me some shopping

n an attempt to ward off the winter depression that seems to be progressively worsening over the last few years of my life, I have bought myself a SAD lamp and started using it for the first time today, and so I am typing this while sunbathing in the LED light of a thousand suns. I have no idea if this is going to help me any or not, but I might have formed a better opinion next month, if I have not gone blind from sitting too close to it by that point.

I also got myself a new pair of winter shit-kickers from New Rock, and am currently sitting about in them wearing them in before everything outside turns to mud.

I did get a bit too adventurous yesterday though and thought I had broken them in more effectively than I had, which resulted in a large blister that I am definitely not going to pick to the point of sepsis. However, whilst this is a pain in the short term, I do find that sturdier boots like this that take a while to wear in also tend to be much more hardwearing in the long term, and obviously as they’re New Rocks, will certainly be good for several winters to come.

Cradle of Filth drop new album, announce tour

Cradle of Filth have a brand-new album out on the 22nd September, called “Cryptoriana-The Seductiveness of Decay” and I’m totally here for it already based on the title alone. You can download two of the album’s new tracks already here, and also pre-order the album too.

Meanwhile, check out the official video for “You Will Know The Lion By His Claw” as a teaser:

The band have also just announced UK-wide tour dates in October and November, and you can get the full list of dates and venues and reserve your tickets on their official website.

Goth blog posts to read this month

La Carmina leads the kind of lifestyle I can only dream about-Gothing her way around the world in style and blogging about it as she goes. Currently in Malaysia, La Carmina’s latest blog post brings us this brilliant image:

So when you start seeing it on “Goths in Hot Weather” or Goths on the Beach or whatever, just remember where it came from… This blog post is definitely one not to miss, and includes several other images that you’ll want to see, involving the same inflatable unicorn, as well as a whole cave’s worth of nesting bats. JEALOUS.

Gothy Two Shoes is a plus-size Goth in Australia, who I am really pleased to see has resumed blogging regularly again and now has several months of content for me to catch up on, including loads of great step-by-step Gothy DIY posts, as well as her own general content and thoughts.


Her latest post takes the form of a QandA challenge that you can of course take on yourself, or just use to learn a little bit more about one of my favourite Goth bloggers.

The Blogging Goth (Tim) reviews Infest’s final day at the end of August in his latest post, with mixed views on the different acts and entertainment. “Are you waltzing back there? Is that a northern thing?” Is now my favourite line, and one that I intend to find a way to work into conversations sooner rather than later. ?

Game of Thrones

And finally! I left this til the end for those that have not yet finished watching season 7, or who have no interest in it whatsoever (in which case, you do you hon, but we probably can’t be friends).

So season seven has finished, and we’re not going to be seeing any more of Kit Harrington’s ass for at least another year or two. There have been a reasonable amount of picky or partially critical reviews of this season (albeit these have been almost drowned out by positive accolades) which I suppose is going to happen given that we are now heading towards the finale and also, outside of book territory-but for my part, I have really enjoyed the whole season and am just pissed that it’s all over for now.

The seven seasons have taken us from INCEST, EWW, to being all about the aunt-humping, the remaining living Starks finally kicking some ass and keeping themselves from being killed, and oh my lord, I have also been loving the wit and humour too, in the show itself but also in the social media posts that pop up after each episode airs.

On which note, I’d like to give a shout-out to Gilly on behalf of any woman anywhere who has ever had a man take all the credit for her work, and also to thank Twitter and Tumblr for the comedy gold that the season has provided.

Before I sign off, I just want to throw out an unpopular opinion bomb and watch the world burn: Brienne should not fucking well end up with Tormund.

Since when did a guy liking a woman and being creepy about it while the woman in question shows total disinterest at best and horror at worst make for the foundations of a solid ship? UMM NO. I want Brienne to get it together with The Hound (one of my favourites, not least because his liberal use of an irritated or disgusted-sounding “fuck off” at least three times per scene pretty much makes him my spirit animal) or possibly Jaime Lannister, who YAY! Finally walked away.

Sandor Clegane FTW, and we’re just going to neatly ignore that whole stone-throwing stupidity incident for now. If Brienne ends up with Tormund I am gonna be MAD, k? Remember that come season eight.


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