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Bannerj_zpsqfsmpyjqWe will soon be saying buh-bye to 2015, much to my delight, as I can fairly and objectively say that this has been my worst year ever, so gawd help me if 2016 is no better.

Each month, I try to post up a review of the latest news and articles from Gothsville goings-on, but for the end of the year I figured I’d do a wider recap of Goth life and Goth people in the news from the last year.

Hate attack on Lancashire Goth

July of 2015 saw me sharing the shittacular news that a 13 year old girl was attacked in the Bury area and called a “Goth” before being beaten by a girl and two boys. The police’s appeal for help and witnesses is still ongoing. If you are a victim of hate crime because of your Goth lifestyle, please, PLEASE report it.

Young Goths at increased risk of self-harm


This was the study that everyone was talking about over the last few months of the year, which posited that young people who identify as Goth at the age of 15 are exponentially more likely to be prone to depression and/or self-harm by the age of 18, as reported by the BBC. However, breaking down the cause and effect that at a first glance seems pretty cut and dried tells a different story.

The “Slender Man” attack case continues


June 2014 saw the internet-at-large shocked by the news that two American girls, then aged twelve, attacked and tried to murder another girl in the woods near their home, in an attempt to become “proxies of Slender Man,” a fictional internet creepypasta character. September of this year saw the girls plead not guilty, and the case looks set to run and run, with much internet dissection of it all sure to follow.

Whitby Goth Weekend celebrates 21st year

The Mecca for all things Goth that is Whitby celebrated its 21st year of Gothing at their October Goth gathering, and seems set to go from strength to strength as the popularity of the town’s two Goth weekends in April and October grow and grow. I missed the October weekend this year, which is doubly galling, as it looks as if this was one of the best ones yet.

Burger King launches Halloween burger, turns your poop green


Finally, this one falls well into the category of “couldn’t make it up:” Burger King introduced their black-bunned Halloween burger during October of this year, which at first seemed like a minor gimmick hardly worthy of note at all-until the internet at large started reporting that eating said burger would turn your poop green.

In a totally unscientific prediction of my own, I have to wonder if this hindered sales at all, or actually helped them.

See you next year!

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