Goth news round-up for August

Bannerj_zpsqfsmpyjqEvery now and then, I rifle through the darker corners of the internet to find out what’s being said in the news relating to Goth culture and so on, and do a quick round-up of it to share with them as reads my blog. The last few weeks have been pretty hot with a couple of stories in that respect, so here is my run-down of a couple of topics in the news that I think may be of interest to the wider Goth community.

Sophie Lancaster killer’s appeal rejected


There really cannot be a single Goth out there who is not familiar with the horrific tale of the murder of Sophie Lancaster in 2007 by one Ryan Herbert (and friends), simply for being of the alt persuasion. This led to a 15 year minimum sentence for Herbert, and the formation of the Sophie Lancaster foundation, which focuses on increasing respect and acceptance of alternative subcultures within the wider community.

Anyway, Herbert, who has now served nine years of his sentence and is still aged only 24, being 16 years old at the time of the attack, has just had his appeal for early release rejected by the appeals judge who was clearly having none of his “I’ve taken two GCSE’s in the nine years I have been in prison” nonsense.

In rejecting the appeal, Justice Langstaff pointed out the fact that the attack was “so severe” that “it was not immediately possible for ambulance personnel to tell which sex” either of the victims were (Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend, who was also seriously injured in the attack).

Hate crime on Nottinghamshire Goth in May

Nottinghamshire police have recorded an attack on 19 year old Goth Ryan Winnals on the 21st of May this year as a hate crime, and are appealing for any potential witnesses to the attack to come forwards.

Nottinghamshire police are one of eleven forces to class subcultures are a potential target group for hate crimes.

Mr. Winnals, a self-identified Goth, was attacked outside of the Huthwaite branch of Tesco at around 4pm on Saturday 21st May while he was just minding his own business playing with his phone. He ultimately required surgery after being repeatedly punched and ultimately knocked out by a group of youths, who have yet to be caught.


Ryan Winnals

Anyone who may have any information about this crime is encouraged to contact Nottinghamshire Police on 101.

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