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tumblr_mkuk05vzfJ1rm1bf5o1_1280One thing that I have learnt in my travels through this life as a Goth with a black cat (because stereotypes, duh!) is that Goths as a whole love their animals a whole lot. Fortunately, the internet was invented for sharing cat pictures, and so there are millions of pages of the web dedicated to cooing over cuteness and finding out about other people’s pets, and so I decided to take a walk through the internet seeking interesting ideas for Goths and their pets.

Now, while I find a pug in a batman outfit as entertaining as the next girl, I am not a hugeeee fan of dressing up pets, although I can just about let this slide when it comes to dogs. People who dress up their cats, however, deserve to have their eyes scratched out, and fortunately, most cats are on board with this too.

However, I have still found a whole range of cool and funny ways to Goth up your pet without pissing them off, and I’ll be sharing a few of them with you in this post.


Cool collars

Collars are of course aimed at cats, dogs and slaves, and if you have any one of these three things, there are plenty of temptations on the internet just waiting to part you from your hard earned cash!

Etsy is full of offerings such as this witches’ familiar pentacle cat collar, nicely modelled by a very beautiful kitty!


Aristopaws also sells a black cat collar with skull embellishments, and either of these collars can be picked up for less than a tenner.

Black_Goth_Kitty_&_Skull__88830_zoomOne word of caution. When buying or customising a collar for your cat, dog (or slave), ensure that it is safe. By this I mean, start with an actual collar designed for your pet, which means for cats, one that will snap under pressure, and ensure that anything you stick or attach to the collar will not get in your pet’s way, or cause them a problem. While us humans must sometimes suffer for our fashion, the same rule does not apply to our pets.

Dressing up your dog

As mentioned earlier, I have mixed feelings about dressing up dogs. Some dogs are going to hate this and get righteously pissed off, which is fair enough, while others will see the whole thing as a huge joke and a source of much attention, and if the latter applies to your own dog, fill your boots. Again, make sure that your dog is comfortable, happy and not pissed off, and also ensure that they do not overheat!

Finally, no post on Gothing up your pet would be complete without paying a richly deserved homage to spider dog; yep, some very committed prankster dressed their dog up as a giant spider, and filmed the results of its encounters with the unsuspecting public. Pure comedy gold.

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