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It occurred to me this week that it’s been a while since I scoped out what’s new in Goth events and entertainment, and when I asked around and trawled the interwebs, I found that there are a fair few events coming up over the next couple of months that are worth a look.

With this in mind, I’ve created a short list of events and meets for those of a Gothy persuasion, mainly stuff in the UK but one from further afield too. Read on to find out what’s hot this year!

 Carpe Noctum


Carpe Noctum club in Leeds is always a safe bet for a dark, Goth or alt night out, and they are also really good about keeping an accurate and up to date diary of their upcoming stuffs, which makes my life a lot easier.

My current pick of the Carpe Noctum faves for the coming months is looking like their Sisters of Murphy night on the 2nd of July, with the band appearing first and then DJ’s taking over for the wee hours. Find out more on the club’s Facebook page.

Strawberry Hill


Horace Walpole’s Gothic Castle at Strawberry Hill always has a good line-up of Gothy events that tend to be both entertaining and informative/educational, and the June/July line-up is no different.

The castle’s event planners regularly run twilight tours of the castle, with the next one happening on the 8th June, and on the 9th, the daytime sees the advent of John Goodall’s Time-Wracked Castle lecture, the first of a series about some of the most famous ruins in Britain.

Find out more on their events page.

London Gothic


London Gothic is an informal organisation of London Goths that arrange meet ups, events and other good things for Goths in the capital, most of which can be enjoyed fairly cheaply.

Over the next couple of months, they are running an alternative bring and buy sale on the 5th June at the ever-popular Slimelight, and then also sending a Goth delegation along to London Pride on the 25th June.

Hell Freezes Over-the 2016 Gothic Cruise


Have lots of spare time and money? Of course you don’t. But if you did, I would strongly recommend signing up for the “Hell Freezes Over” cruise, an actual cruise for Goths heading out from Seattle on the 16th August for a round trip. The week’s tour costs from around $1200 per head, and you can find out more here. This does not include flights to and from the UK, obviously!

Is there something else I should add to my diary? Tell me in the comments.

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