What Goth TV shows should you be watching this year?

As I think I have mentioned before, TV as in the actual unit of a TV itself with a dish or aerial or whatever you need these days to get a signal is a bit of a mystery to me, as I haven’t had an actual physical TV for about ten years. Back then, there were five channels only or if you were posh, a Sky subscription for all of your often repeated viewing requirements.

Online streaming etc. has therefore been great for me, and I have a mahoosive great bookmarked list of shows that I have found or seen mentioned that I want to come back to when I am bored. What with Netflix, Hulu and all of the others, there are a buttload of new and obscure series, shows and sagas out there now, to the point that the sheer number of offerings can make it easy to miss some real gems.

With this in mind, I have picked out five of my favourite shows that have come out recently or during the last part of 2016, most of which were dropped as the complete series for your binge-watching pleasure.

And before you all start throwing tomatoes at me for missing out your favourite show, check first to see that I haven’t covered it before here or here. So, moving on…

The OA


First off, I kept ignoring the hype surrounding the OA for ages, because in my head I had gotten it confused with the OC, which is obviously a totally different show.

Anyhoo, I only started watching this last night, and burned through the first three episodes in a couple of hours, so whilst I feel safe recommending it I can’t say how it’ll turn out

This is a well-played supernatural drama about a blind adopted adult who disappears when she is 21 and reappears seven years later, with her sight restored but refusing to say where she has been or how come she can see. That’s all I’m giving you for now-go watch.

The OA is available on Netflix.

Stranger Things


Stranger Things is an absolute must-watch for any Goth, horror fan or lover of the supernatural. This show is set in the early 80’s, ie., ET era, and tells the tale of the mysterious disappearance of a 12 year old boy, and his single mom who can’t get anyone to take her seriously when she says that weird shit is happening and that her son has been taken by a supernatural entity.

Concurrently, a strange psychic girl with no hair appears in the town, who may have the key to the boy’s recovery. Throw in an evil government agency, strange happenings and lots of 80’s goodness, and you have the recipe for a weekend of solid binge-watching right there.

Stranger Things is a Netflix Original series.



Westworld is another show for which the entirety of the first series is now available, and while I liked this show I did find it a bit challenging to keep up with, and I suspect it will be one of those “Marmite” offerings.

The show centres on a massive great Western-themed theme park populated by androids known as “hosts,” and the human visitors to the park who can rape, maim and kill the hosts, should they wish, with compunction.

However, the hosts appear to be developing sentience too, shit starts going wrong, and several twists throw a spanner in the respective works along the way. I think this one is worth a look, but it might not be for everyone. Westworld airs on HBO.

Channel Zero


Channel Zero is next up on my hit list of things to watch, and so that is fair warning that I cannot personally comment on how good (or otherwise) it is yet. However, I find it hard to believe that there is any way that I won’t like it-this show is an anthology of Creepypasta stories brought to life, and it has received strong critical reviews so far.

Have you seen this? Let me know what you think if so. If not, Channel Zero can be found on SyFy.

The Magicians


Finally, The Magicians, which is widely being lauded as a Harry Potter-type tale for grown-ups, although frankly as there won’t be a Severus Snape in it, I will reserve my judgement.

This is another one that I haven’t actually watched yet as I only learned about it last night, but the premise is once again encouraging.

Basically, older teenagers are recruited to a magical academy if they show promise as a potential witch or wizard, and are then taught to hone and control their abilities while there. This is apparently a slightly dark tale with plenty of peril, danger and so on (as you might expect if you throw a gang of hormonal teenagers into a room with access to supernatural powers, I suspect) and so I do hold out some hope that this one is worth a whirl, and you can find it on SyFy.

 Have I missed something good? Hook me up in the comments.

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