Goths of colour: What’s on the web for you?

One thing that all races pretty much agree on is the fact that there really ain’t a whole lot of diversity on the Goth scene in general, and in most areas of the UK, the Goth crowd is generally pretty peely-wally as a whole.

However, both within the UK and worldwide there are a significant number of Goths of colour, because obviously people of all races may potentially enjoy Goth fashion, music, and the general scene.


As a white woman (and no, no I’m not going to follow that up with some irrelevant “but I’ve got lots of black friends!” tag), it has come to my attention that there’s not a huge amount of info out there specific to Goths of colour. Going from the issues that non-white Goths experience within the community to Goth make-up to suit dark skin, the majority of the Goth wide web seems to be based on the assumption that everyone within the Goth subculture is white, and this could do with some redressing.

With this in mind, I’ve had a dig around the treasure chest that is the internet to seek out the best Goth blogs, groups, pin boards and more that might be of interest to Goths of colour specifically.

First up, The Ebony Goddess posted a YouTube video here

that is well worth a watch, about her experiences of being a black woman within the Goth/Metal subculture. In the video, she talks about a range of issues including the challenges that face women of colour within the alt scene, casual and overt racism that she has experienced, and a whole host of other very relevant points.

I highly recommend watching her video, whether you are a person of colour or a white person wishing to learn more about how to be an ally to the black members of our community.

The freakin’ awesomely named Fuck Yeah Black Goths! Tumblr site is dedicated to sharing images of Goths of colour, along with commentary and opinion pieces about black, mixed race and other non-white Goths and their experiences within the scene.


The Afro punk/Afro Goth Pinterest board is full of really stunning visuals of Goths of colour, mainly black women, and provides a shiteload of inspiration in terms of Goth hairstyles for Afro hair.

This Black Goth Tumblr site shares images and commentary from the author, as well as fashion tips for dark skinned Goth girls.

For the Facebook fans, the Black and African-American Goth Community is your home on the web, a group dedicated to creating an alliance of black/African-American people who enjoy the Goth/punk/alt subculture. Like or follow the page to join in.

The Black People Do… Pinterest board collates images of people of colour throughout history rocking alt looks, including a hearty dose of bang up-to-date Goth styles among many others.


Finally, blogger Gothic Charm School asked for help last year in finding the best tips for Goths of colour, with a whole host of collated suggestions on good colours for make-up and jewellery, how to be an ally to Goth people of colour, and much more. Well worth a read.

Are you a Goth of colour with something to say, or have you spotted a good site or helpful link that I have missed? Please let me know!

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