Goths and tattoos: Picking a tattoo and a tattooist

Tattoos are of course a very personal thing, and as they are becoming ever more popular among the general public and more acceptable by many employers who previously would have forbidden them, many Goths with a taste for the ink find themselves considering going under the needle.
Whether you are considering your first tattoo or are already highly inked up, the decision to get a new tattoo of any type or size is not a decision to enter into lightly. I loves me some tattoos, but now as a 36 year old, I am rather less than enamoured of the pink and purple unicorn I had done on my collarbone when I was 17, which seemed very edgy at the time, but now is prime territory for a rather better cover job. No, I am not going to show you it, you My Little Pony freak.
There are shittonnes of great ideas for Goth tattoos on the internet and lots of inspiration out there, but regardless of what you ultimately decide you want, it is wise to follow some of this basic advice before you go under the needle.
Make sure you’re sure
Pretty much everyone knows that waking up one morning deciding they want a tattoo and getting inked the same day is quite possibly going to end in regret, so don’t rush into your decision; wait until you know what tattoo you want, where you want it and how you want to do it, and even then, be prepared to wait a couple of months at least to ensure that your future self is still in full agreement with today’s you.
Avoid getting inked at any point when your mood isn’t on the level, or as an impulse decision after say, a break up or other time of upheaval.
Pick something unique
All tattooists have books and rails full of off the peg designs to choose from and gain inspiration from, but if you want to avoid running into someone else with the same design as you, it is wise to choose something unique and designed just for you. By all means find inspiration and basic ideas by shopping around and looking at other people’s work, but to make your tattoo individual and personal to you, start with your basics and ask your tattooist to customise something for you.
Decide where you want to have your tattoo
There’s an awful lot to consider when it comes to the placement of your tattoo, and this should be as important to you as what you actually decide to have. A neck tattoo or something written across your knuckles may seem metal as fuck, but is it likely to curtail your future job prospects, or affect how people perceive you? Think about how you could potentially cover your tattoo if you needed to, and if you are planning a large piece, draw it out first and see if it sits how you envisioned it.
This is a really nice piece of work, but may curtail your future career as a lawyer…
Pick the right artist
When shopping around for a tattooist, don’t just pick one whose off the peg designs you like; make sure you see examples of their work on other people, and ensure that their style and execution looks good. Word of mouth advice is a great way to pick a tattooist, and don’t be put off if your first choice of artist has a waiting list of several weeks; this is a good sign, and will usually be worth waiting for!
Gothic Tattoo in Leicester is one of the better choices, particularly for Goths; the clue is in the name!
Pick an artist that you feel comfortable with, and that is willing to work with you and not rush you into a decision, or push you into accepting a certain style or design. If you are unsure at any stage of the process before you go under the needle, back off and take some time to think things through. Obviously don’t deliberately waste your tattooist’s time, but also, do not be afraid to back out or take a step back if you are not 100% happy before you begin.

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