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Been having a holiday from the internet? The can’t-be-arsed is particularly strong in you this month? Worry not. In this blog post, I’ll provide my usual quick-and-dirty round-up of what’s been happening in the world at large and the Goth world in particular over the course of the last few weeks.

The Blogging Goth at Whitby Goth Weekend

I didn’t make it up to the first WGW of the year this year, but the Blogging Goth certainly did, and his detailed run-down of the Friday and Saturday covers the highlights in terms of the acts, events and much more. I would suggest taking a look if, like me, you’re living vicariously through other people’s Whitby rather than going yourself these days.

I’ve also enjoyed reading Tim’s commentary on American Gods, a new TeeVee that came up on my radar recently and that I am still not 100% sure about. I’ve only watched the first episode to date and have bookmarked the series to go back to, because while there is a lot I like about it, it is also one of those shows whose pilot doesn’t make huge sense unless you also read a synopsis.

That said, reading Tim’s thoughts has given me a little more enthusiasm to go back to it now-if you’ve watched it yourself, feel free to let me know if it really is worth it, or best avoided.

Yep, that’s Lovejoy…

Gothic Manchester Festival: Call for Papers

For those of you not in the know, the Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies at MMU (yep, there is a university in the UK where you can major in Goth) will be hosting another Gothic festival/seminar this year, following on from the success of their previous Gothic North conference.

This year’s seminar has the theme of Gothic Styles/Gothic Substance, and they’ve just put out a call for papers from Goth authors who might wish to submit some of their work for consideration for the festival. If this is a subject that is close to your heart, you’ve got something to say or you just want to find out more, check out the details here, and you could find yourself presenting your paper live in front of your Gothy peers during the festival itself. Cool!

The BBC on England’s “Tombstone Tourists”

Graveyard wandering is a hobby at the heart of many a Gothic obsession, and the practice is becoming so widespread and popular today that the BBC published a feature article on the topic this month, although I am not sure I am that flattered with the title of “Tombstone Tourists.”

The scientific name of Taphophiles (something I picked up in the article, ya know) is a new term for me, and the fact that this type of outdoor pursuit is now appearing on the radar of the mainstream media speaks somewhat to the general popularity of the hobby.

The general election

By the time I make my next post, the general election will have taken place and I’ll probably be storming around with a face like thunder or, (albeit the chances are slimmer) running around cackling like an idiot.

/\ Hint: Vote for this one.

Up until pretty much this week, the Tories have been widely considered as likely to win by a mile (how? How? HOW?) but over the course of the last week or so (last week of May) the tide might be turning.

First of all, I’m just going to open with #WheresTheresa, which honestly, what more do you need to know? The unelected Prime Minister who is now hoping to be democratically voted in doesn’t show up to the Leader’s Debate!? What though!!

I have no idea if she took a swerve due to fear, hubris or just that low a level of respect for the voters, but honestly, not even staunch Tories can defend this decision in any meaningful way.

Around the same time, YouGov poll/tracking data started indicating a little less certainty in terms of the projected Tory landslide, and if they can be believed and projections don’t deviate too much between now and polling day, the Tories might actually fail to gain the necessary majority.

Can we do it!?

Well, given that “She’s a Liar, Liar” is currently doing so well in the charts, let’s hope. I am not going to hold my breath exactly, but I also feel a little less like pulling each of my eyelashes out one by one at the moment too.

I’m just gonna leave this here…

I could share any number of links to really well-written articles with full verifiable factual evidence to support the case for Corbyn, and honestly some of them are so fucking profound and/or common-sense-ical that I am having to sit on my fingers to keep from adding them.

But I won’t, because if you’re interested in that kind of thing, you have already done your own due diligence, I am sure.

Something that I am liking this (election) cycle though is the BBC’s Election Blind Dates project, albeit I am not sure I will be able to face watching today’s couple-Mary Beard and PETER FUCKING STRINGFELLOW.

Jack Monroe and Georgia Toffolo, on the other hand, are fucking adorable together, as well as giving me hope for the yoof (I can say this now, I am 39) in terms of their willingness to meet, interact with, listen to and learn from people with opposing political opinions.

This is important-SO important, and I hope the BBC project starts a wider trend when it comes encouraging people from different background and political standpoints to talk and listen, with respect and the intention to learn rather than insults and shouting.

Because when we all stay in our comfortable bubbles and avoid coming into contact with people whose views differ from our own, who we find offensive or who we just can’t connect with politically-we end up with a situation where 52% of the UK vote for something mental, and the other 48% of us have no idea how it happened.

Because we stopped listening, and missed the warning signs.

So, I guess I’ll see you on the other side… And may the odds be ever in your favour.

So THAT’S where Theresa was…

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