“Health Goth” is now a thing, apparently

So we all know that being Goth doesn’t mean you totally disengage yourself from mainstream society, and that we Goths need to do all of the usual person shit too, such as eating, working, shopping and keeping fit. One thing I never saw happening, however, would be the latter, ie., gymming, becoming a big thing in Goth, to the point that it now has its own name: Health Goth.
Health Goth, much like the term “Goth” itself, can mean many things: Gothy gym-goers, Goths who are into their health and fitness, and also a fashion trend of Goth-styled dark fitness wear for everyday dress as well as pounding the treadmill.

Health Goth is more of a buzzword in America than over here so far, but the internets are alive with the sounds of cross-training bound Goth grunts, and so I figured that it’s worth looking into it a bit more. The New York Times’ website examines the phenomenon on the other side of the pond in more detail, here.
So, Health Goth. With me so far?
Goths using the gym is certainly not a modern invention, but fitness gear aimed at the Goth crowd certainly is. As the availability of cool gym gear for those of a darker persuasion has taken off, so too has this presumably contributed to the likelihood of Goths using regular fitness facilities to get their burn on, either alongside of your average gym rat, or in some cases, at special Goth-oriented gyms.
Unfortunately, the latter are mainly USA-based so far, but as I say, it’s coming here too, bitches.
AltPress has covered the rise and rise of the Health Goth in recent time, in their feature and interviews here.
What to wear

What do Goths wear to the gym?
The clothing and styling aspect of Health Goth is not, for most Goth gym-goers the main point of the endeavour, but the modern availability of nice Goth workout togs is certainly something that comes with its own advantages. Feeling comfortable with what you are wearing, both physically and in a style sense, is of course conducive to having a good workout, and you no longer have to dredge the depths of JD Sports or Lululemon to find something suitable to wear.
Finding out more

the website talks more about the Health Goth phenomenon, and also offers a range of reasonably priced, good quality and cool Goth gym clothes for your delectation. Other retailers are available, and of course you can customise your own kit, but this website is a good place to start.
A cool list of ten struggles of being a (UK) Health Goth, including the challenges of getting dressed, is covered in this Complex article.
Are you a Health Goth? Tell me more!

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