Holy shit, the Brexit vote you guys


So the UK has voted to leave Europe-actually I am fecking tired of hearing that bullshit. Only a hair over half the population of England and Wales voted to leave, whilst Scotland and NI came out as the common sense areas to which we should all consider moving like, now.


I get that there are possibly some pro-Brexit folks in the Goth community-seriously, what were you thinking? But interestingly, even many of them who voted out are now pretty sorry, now that that shit is actually happening. I guess a lot of the leave folk thought that voting for Brexit would mean a stop on the brown people coming to the UK, without any other implications or costs to us.

So the pound committed suicide overnight, which became blindingly apparent to me the next day-I work for some American clients, and when I received a payment from one of them the next day, my $100 converted to £8 more than it had the day before.

As my parents own property in France, it is fair to say that we have “skin in the game” as it were-fortunately their mortgage is paid off, otherwise they’d have ended up owing several thousand more on it overnight than they had the day before.


So, what does it mean for us in the UK in real terms? No one really knows yet, that’s the point. We now have an unelected prime minister who didn’t have a whole lot of competition-largely because there will be no winners when Article 50 (the framework to exit the EU) is put into action, and whichever PM oversees it is not going to come off well in the history books, however they play it.

One of the big issues that pro-Brexiteers hung their colours to was immigration-the whole “we’re full” bollocks that them who are not well informed like to spout. Hilariously (or frighteningly, more to the point) a lot of the out voters are the type who are planning to retire somewhere sunny, like Spain-but why would other Euro countries be interested in taking us, when we’re effectively taking steps to close our own borders?

Additionally, Spain’s British expat community is largely old and doddery, and all of those people are going to become a drain on the Spanish healthcare system-now, with no sure-fire reciprocity from our side, not that a lot of Spanish folk generally think to themselves “hey, let’s retire somewhere insular and rainy!”


So there we have it. The first couple of days after the vote, felt as close to civil war or revolution as I ever expected to see in my country of birth in my own lifetime. I get that this is a very first world problem compared to countries where actual really bad shit is happening, but this is not a minor thing either.

The country has literally split in half-friends are falling out over it, and those who voted out think that the rest of us are just being bad losers by raising concerns and disappointment because of it.

I don’t really have a point, a conclusion or any words of wisdom to tail off this blog post with-I just fancied venting.

Did you vote in or out? (I’m not looking for a row-while someone unfriended me over stay vs. leave, I personally am not looking for rows) Tell me your thoughts.

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