July news round-up and OMG GoT NEW SEASON


Hey look it’s July already! We’re already a month past the longest day, which fits neatly into the Goth viewpoint from both perspectives-it means that we still have like, three painfully hot months still to come (if you hate that shit) and also, that Winter is Coming, and we’ve already peaked (if you love that shit.)

In this blog post I’ll provide my usual quick and dirty round-up of the news and views from some of my favourite fellow blogging Goths and also, take a peek at what else is happening in the world that Goths might give a shite about, which this month will largely consist of my fangirling over the new season of Game of Thrones.

Other Goth bloggers

Opening with The Blogging Goth, who is by far (in my opinion) the most switched-on Goth blogger out there when it comes to regular and relevant content. Tim’s latest content includes an interview with Terminal Gods singer Robert Cowlin about the new Four LP vinyl box set compilation album of the Sisters of Mercy, and a review of his recent trip to Bradford for Infest 2017.

Mortisia’s photoblog is a great, regularly updated stream of some really strong imagery and related content consisting of both collated content from the interwebs, and her own personal photography. I haven’t mentioned this blog in a while, and it has had a lot of new posts since my last visit so check it out!

La Carmina is a Gothy travel blogger who goes to some fucking awesome places, but even better, manages to find the awesome in some of the most mundane and ass-draggiest spots of the planet too. Her latest post come from Austin, Texas (which to most of us over hear generally reads as “guns and Dallas”) and I just… Yeah. How fucking cool.

Lady Gothiquesville, population 1

Anyone who has a longhaired cat (or dog) will fully understand that I have been busy as all get-out this month and have very little free time left in my day once I have taken care of removing the daily payload of burs from the fur of Batman Salem Slinkycat.

Not Batman Salem Slinkcat. You can’t even see him under the amount of burs he picks up most days.

I mean seriously, this shit is getting out of hand. My best haul so far was no less than 107 burs (yes, I counted them) in one sitting, which was totally ruined when said cat got up and stalked off swishing his tail, consequently collecting the whole sorry pile back up and walking off with them.

I have several neighbours with springer spaniels and collies too, dogs which seem to have a pathological aversion to staying neat and tidy, and the state of some of them too has been truly something to behold. I know from experience that this bullshit has to end soon; and also, that I should maybe do some gardening, but I’m obviously totally not going to.

It’s funny because it’s not my dog…

Also, my singing teacher (yes, nine months in and I’m still going every week) who is basically my favourite person and also the one whose approval I crave above all others has asked me to move into his house for a week at the end of the month to dog sit while he goes off to conduct his choir of actual real singers for their annual tour.

This honestly made me feel as if I had won an Oscar for my performance in the role of “perfectly normal and trustworthy adult,” and so the thought of being in charge of his dogs and big fancy townhouse for a week is both thrilling me and filling me with dread in case I break something or manage to shit up his nice things.

Game of Thrones Season Seven (minor spoilers ahead)

Let us all take a moment to review the glory that is the launch of the brand new season (season seven) of Game of Thrones, which hit the TV and internet on the 16 th of this month. We’re now well out of book territory, and so all those smug folk from before (ie., me) who were all like “yeah I know what happens next, bruh” have been firmly put back into our boxes to enjoy the wonder with the rest of the peasantry, and enjoying it I surely am.

We’re only one episode in so far of course, but it surely did not disappoint. For someone that finds vomit and vomit-related horror as hilarious as I do, the portrayal of Samwell Tarly’s days as everyone’s bitch in the Citadel filled me with delight, but hey, take your laughs where you can get them. Also, SURPRISE! Jorah Mormont is still Stanning over Daenerys, even as the skin continues to fall off of him in chunks.

Tormund is still trying to get a piece of Brienne and not being at all creepy about it… Brilliantly played by both actors.

WINTER FUCKING CAME FOR HOUSE FREY, honestly I almost cried happy, angry adrenaline-fuelled tears at the bad-assery of Arya Stark, which is of course a plotline that has been many years in the making. It also really brought it home that this show is actually on the downhill now towards its conclusion, and all of the multiple mad and seemingly unrelated plots and characters we have become invested in along the way are starting to get tied up.

Hopefully, we’re going to find out at some point if Gendry ever reached King’s Landing or is still out there in a boat mouldering away-the fact that actor Joe Dempsie is listed in the credits for this season implies the former.

Being as my close friends and family all have fur and four legs (and not in the puppy play sense) I have naturally taken to the internet to seek out actual human opinions and chat on the show’s new season launch, and in the traditional fashion, am going to sign off now with one of my favourite memes created as a result of the season premiere. See ya next month!


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