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superthumbEvery now and again, I hear of a new-to-me subsection of Gothing that I either was previously unaware of, or didn’t realise was actually a branch of Goth rather than part of the general melting pot of black, gooey tar. A good example of this is my post from a couple of months ago on Strega and Gothing, and so I have decided to do a kind of miniseries on various different Goth looks and designations, and this month, I have picked the pastel Goth trend.

So, what is pastel Goth, how do you do it, and is it the look for you? Read on to find out-or if you do better with the pictures than the words, check out this Pinterest board.

What is it?

Pastel Goth is not complicated-it’s Gothy styling whilst also including pastels and light shades, rather than the traditional palette of black, red and purple. Sometimes referred to as Goth light or nu-Goth-if you want to get your head bitten off, anyway.



Doing your hair in pastel shades whilst doing everything else in standard Goth black is a really simple way to work the pastel Goth look, if you’re prepared to commit to it for as long as the hair colour takes to fade.

If your hair is currently black or dark, you’ll likely have to bleach your hair or have a professional stylist do the challenging stuff for you-alternatively, wig up.


Pastel pink wig, £26.99.


Pastel Goth makeup can go either way-keep it hard, dark and Goth and save the pastel for your hair and/or clothes, or go Kawaii about it all with a full anime face.

A pastel-themed makeup look involves a white or light creamy base, long, dark lashes, and pastel lips or eyes-large pupils and lots of eyeliner optional.



Once again, you can stick with standard black Gothy clothes and save your pastels for your face or hair, but mixing cutesy pastels with inky black in your outfit works too! A pastel top or leggings along with an otherwise dark look works, as does all black with pastel hair and accessories-the pastel Goth look is pretty versatile overall, so that you can commit to it as much or as little as you like, and for as long as you like, without bankrupting yourself or turning into My Little Pony.

Unless you want to.


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