Lady Gothique’s (late) 13 for Halloween

If there is one thing I am really, really good at, it is being late to the party, or as my mother says, slow on the uptake. So consequently I totally missed the latest Goth internet trend that was doing the rounds over Halloween and shortly afterwards, being the “13 for Halloween” quiz/questionnaire.


I don’t take well to being left out, however, and I’m also not good at letting things go-particularly, people telling me up into December that Halloween is over now galls me unreasonably-and so I’ma do my own 13 for Halloween now.

Basically you get 13 set questions and post your answers, so feel free to do your own, and hook me up in the comments!

13 for Halloween

1 Favourite Halloween song

I think for this I’m going to have to go with the song that I find the most creepy and genuinely unsettling, and that for me is an easy pick: The Black Dog Runs At Night from the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me soundtrack. Seriously, play it on your own in a dimly lit room.

2 Witch or vampire?

Ooh, a tough one. I’m actually going to go with witch. You get to do spells, and can go out during the day on the rare occasions when you might want to.

3 Favourite thing about Halloween?

Trying out new things with makeup and going out in it without anyone batting an eyelid. Also, parties.

4 Halloween party or scary movie marathon?

PARTY. Every time. I am lucky enough to have a BFF with an early November birthday, so every year she hooks us up with a house party to celebrate both.

5 Skeletons or zombies?

Zombies, by miles. I am obsessed with zombies; zombie books, zombie games, zombie films… Grr. Argh.


6 Favourite Halloween candy?

Hmm. Thing is, I’m not madly into sweets-I’d rather have a bacon sandwich. My friend has taken to making a Halloween cake of beetroot and chocolate though, which everyone swears is delicious, but for my part I just can’t get up the stones to try it.

7 Favourite Halloween movie?

Hmm, much as I was tempted to Go Team Zombie, and could probably be persuaded to do so with ease, I’m going to go with Elvira for this one. It’s cool, cheesy and dated, as well as funny, and so this is a bit of an odd pick for me as I’m not usually a fan of that sort of humour, and more into the killy killy death stuff.


8 Favourite Halloween costume?

I tend to like the ones that are simple and clever, but for myself, I generally like to go Full Goth and break out my biggest, fanciest skirts and Victorian styling.


Lazy works.

9 Favourite Halloween store?

Wait, is this an American thing? Are there ACTUAL stores dedicated to Halloween across the narrow sea?

10 Jack’o’lanterns, yes or no?

I really, really love seeing pumpkins carved and lit up everywhere, but I am so shit at doing them that I generally tend not to bother. You should do it for me though…

11 Bats or black cats?

Well, this question was pretty much made for me, innit. I have a black cat, named Bat. He is awesome. Here, let me show you him.


12 Is Halloween your favourite holiday?

No, I really enjoy Easter… Da fuq do you think!?

13 Pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate?

Pumpkin. In a drink. NO, you dirty wrong’uns, get away from me!

Are you implying I’m a Basic Bitch? You are, aren’t you.


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