Lady Gothique’s monthly blog roundup: April 2016

Bannerblogj_zpsxo2qjd3uSo the clocks have gone forwards and the April weather is unseasonably fine this year-yes, spring is well upon us, and I really am going to have to face the unpalatable reality of shedding my second skin of leggings and shaving my legs, which is frankly a terrifying idea, not least because of the amount of money I’m going to have to drop on razors.

As ever, I’ve kept a track on the best blog posts from other Gothy bloggers over the course of the last month or so, and so here I present my monthly roundup of the latest content, comments and opinions from the Goth blog-o-sphere. Keep reading!

Gothy Two Shoes Gothed the fuck out of a wedding

Gothy Two Shoes is a green haired plus-sized Goth girl living in Australia, and as a plus sized purple haired Goth girl myself, I love checking out her posts on the latest looks and fashion for the Gothic chunky chick, albeit a lot of her looks aren’t things that I can buy in the UK.

Anyhoo, Gothy Two Shoes recently attended the wedding of two of her friends, and Gothed the fuck out of it impressively in this awesome black get-up.

Screenshot 2016-04-25 21.03.13

The Blogging Goth shares the Whitby band poll results

The Blogging Goth recently ran a completion to win two tickets to the April Whitby Goth weekend, by means of voting on the best bands in the line-up this year.

The competition has now closed, but for more Whitby gossip, the band lineup and more, check out his post.


Domesticated Goth talks Fashion, Self-Expression and Goth

Domesticated Goth recently posted a long, well written and well thought out missive on the symbolism, uses and related elements of fashion, self-expression and Gothing, which is now up on her blog.

I must admit that I find the small grey on black text a little challenging to read, but copy/pasting it into Word made it easier.

The comments section and discussion is worth a read too.

newbannerThe Everyday Goth talks alternative decorative planners

I never really think of myself as an artistic or arts and crafty sort of person, and scrapbooking is, in my opinion, and American anomaly that I cannot really explain.

However, The Everyday Goth’s recent post sharing her handmade decorative planners are going some way to swaying me on this one, although I’d much rather someone made me one than that I had to do it myself. J


 See you next month!

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