Lady Gothique’s monthly blog roundup: August 2016

Bannerblogj_zpsxo2qjd3u Another month, another monthly blog roundup from your resident bloggiest me-Lady Gothique-to catch you up with the latest news and views from my world, and that of some of the best and most readable Goth bloggers out there.

Not a lot has been happening with me, other than that I did finally get my new Android phone and have been playing Pokemon Go, but the initial fits of madness that the thing caused seems to have worn off somewhat, so I think I missed the first hysteria bus and am anxiously awaiting the sweeper service.

Bat, my little juvenile black cat has made a new friend; a fellow boater a couple of moorings away, and honestly, he seems to prefer his company to mine, possibly because he is in during the day most days when I am not. He still comes in for food though, because obvs… But anyway, if I haven’t seen him for a few hours, I can usually find out where he is by checking out aforementioned neighbour’s Twitter feed.

Twitter_zpsub3xtrou The Blogging Goth tackles post-punk punditry

The Blogging Goth is one of the most reliable Goth bloggers on the web, so it’s well worth bookmarking the feed. His latest blog posts covers his trip to Venice and The Island of the Dead (YAAAAS!)


Also, this year’s Gothic Manchester Festival is coming up in October, and is an interesting seminar of both academic and more mainstream papers and presentations that are of interest to virtually all types of Goths, from the glitter Anime kind to the graveyard historian set.

Find out more about it from the blogging Goth here.

The Everyday Goth turns 22

To which I say… Ahhhh. J Also, happy birthday, and I’m fucking loving your birthday look.

dress3La Carmina in Turkey

La Carmina’s blog is one of my absolute favourites, as she travels a lot and always manages to find the most interesting and alt local sights and sounds when she does so.

Her latest post talks about her visit to Istanbul, where hipster meets street art, with excellent pictures (bonus points for the cat.)

160205-istanbul-hipster-street-art-design-shops-14Are you a Goth blogger? Should I be following you? Tell me in the comments.

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