Lady Gothique’s monthly blog roundup: July 2016

Bannerblogj_zpsxo2qjd3uI’ve gone straight from “it’s summer” to “I have mad sunburn” in one day, and now my left shoulder looks as if it’s been attacked by a swarm of angry bees. Working outside on my laptop is apt to do this to you-you cook on one side, and have to sit the other way around the next day to even it out, so that you’re burnt the same all over. White people in the sun problems, AMIRIGHT.


I’m also wearing some actual colours too-albeit turquoise and orange-because black is just intolerably hot. My black cat, Bat, however, is being odd about it-he’s continually flumped on his bed inside, which is a lot hotter than the actual outdoors temperature.

I took the top hopper out of my boat windows last night though to get some air going through it, and Bat decided to jump out through one of them-unfortunately, one on the river side, not the land side, so I suspect that he cooled down pretty quick anyway!

So. Other that eating my own bodyweight in ice cream and turning a uniform shade of lobster, not much new is going on in my world-so here is my roundup of this month’s posts from some of the other Goth bloggers out there.

 The Everyday Goth is sorting out the clutter

The Everyday Goth is taking the concept of disguising household clutter without actually doing any meaningful sorting out very seriously this month, in her blog post “three ways to quickly hide clutter in your home.” Being as my idea of tidying up involves holding a bin bag open and sweeping everything on the table into it, this is relevant to my interests. I want the hat boxes.


The Domesticated Goth is reading

The Domesticated Goth has posted a list of her ten favourite fiction books and series, which includes a range of old favourites such as Anne Rice and LotR, as well as a few books I have not read yet but am now interested in. Terry Pratchett’s “Mort” is also mentioned, which is something of a dilemma for me-Terry Pratchett books should be something I like based on my interests, sense of humour and the fact I am the only person I know who hasn’t read all of his stuff, but somehow I just can’t get into them, which is annoying.


La Carmina talks Maneki neko cats

Maneki neko cats are these:


And you’ve probably spotted them adorning the shelves of your local Chinese restaurant, even though they are actually Japanese.

I think they’re awesome-I had a rose gold one on a necklace until the chain got snapped and it fell to the bottom of the canal, and I have a tiny little black one sitting on top of the box containing the remains of my much-loved little black cat that was killed last year.

Anyway, La Carmina has been exploring some of the Japanese temples dedicated to these lucky cats, and frankly I could not be more jealous.

Japan and Singapore as a whole seem to take the same view on cats as I do; check out this article about the private citizens that patrol the streets of Singapore at night to keep the local feral cats safe.

If anyone wants me, the kitties and I will be booking flights to the Far East.

See you next month!

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