Lady Gothique’s monthly blog roundup for March

Bannerblogj_zpsxo2qjd3uWelcome, minions, to my monthly roundup of the latest news and views from other blogging Goths, condensed into short form and collated for your reading pleasure.

CorpGoth celebrates all things British

CorpGoth is a pretty sweet blog for pictures, ideas and inspiration on how to work your Goth style within an office environment, and the blog is regularly updated with new looks, commentary and tips. CorpGoth’s latest post encompasses two of her favourite themes-Goth and Anglo culture, and I am a big, big fan of the shoes.


The Everyday Goth reviews “Fashion Victims”

The Everyday Goth is another of my favourite regularly updated blogs, and always contains a wide range of different topics and content with a Gothy slant to them.

The Everyday Goth’s latest post is a review of Alison Matthew David’s book Fashion Victims: The danger of dress past and present, which is an illustrated tome covering nineteenth and early 20th century fashion and all of the ways in which it has tried to kill people. Having read the review but not the book itself, I have added the book to my “will buy one day” list, as it looks both suitably grim and interesting to be appealing to my tastes!


The Blogging Goth talks Morrissey for Mayor of London

Tim, aka The Blogging Goth, has started running his own regular Goth news roundups under the heading of “Gothline,” and his latest entry looks at Morrissey’s potential candidacy for the Major of London role.

After being approached by an animal welfare organisation (Morrissey being a big animal advocate) he is said to be strongly considering running. Read more on The Blogging Goth’s blog here.


Gothy Two Shoes brings glad tidings of Bowie’s “Read” poster

David Bowie’s iconic “Read” poster has been rereleased in honour of Bowie’s death, which is a source of great delight for Gothy Two Shoes, who has had her eye on it for some time now.


So many things that Bowie did throughout his life are so iconic, and I suspect more merch and tributes will be coming out of the woodwork over the next year or so as well.

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