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Welcome, Gothettes, to my regular monthly roundup of what’s been happening in the Goth blogoshphere over the last month or so, including my picks of the best new posts from other bloggers.

Kicking off, I have finally dyed my hair purple, but I did, unsurprisingly, chicken out on doing my eyebrows. I will be covering this in more detail in its own post!

Massimo apologies to The Blogging Goth!

Many of you will know by now that I often link to posts by The Blogging Goth, as they are usually relevant to my interests. I have, if you have been paying attention, been referring to The Blogging Goth as “she” on the regular, but as TBG pointed out to me last month in the comments of one of my previous posts, He is a HE! Named Tim! Not, as I had somehow gotten it into my head, a chicka named Elvira or something similar.

So, very sorry Tim, I am a plonker.


Anyway, check out Tim’s latest post, a review of the Friday bands at Whitby’s October Goth gathering.

The Everyday Goth

The Everyday Goth has posted this month about the benefits of being a lone Goth, or living in an area where there is no Goth scene or likeminded bats to make up your friend circle. This would have been good reading for me in my teen years, as I lived in the pure arse-end of nowhere with no public transport, and all of the kids I was in school with were all about the poodle perms, Take That, and being judgemental bitches.

Not that I’m bitter, obvs.

Domesticated Goth’s Highland Lolitas photoshoot

I’m feeling some serious outfit jealousy for The Domesticated Goth this month, who along with her crew, got the chance to have a photoshoot of their Highland Lolita style with The Tea Party Club at the Inverness Botanic Gardens.


Learning that there is a strong Goth community in the Scottish Highlands, much less a Lolita-slanted one came as something of a surprise for me, I must admit! But as Domesticated outlines in her post, there is a small but enthusiastic community up there North of the Wall, which may be worth bearing in mind if you’re planning to get your Goth on in Scotland.

Corp Goth’s 13 for Halloween

Corp Goth’s latest post is her “13 for Halloween,” entry, a small quiz-like thing that has been doing the rounds on the Goth Wide Web of late. I reckon I’ll be filling this out myself shortly, so check out her post and then make sure you read mine, bitches.


That’s all folks!

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