Lady Gothique’s November news roundup

Bannerj_zpsqfsmpyjqWelcome, Gothlings, to my monthly roundup of the latest news, views and events from the Goth Wide Web, covering October-November.

Whitby Goth weekend October

Sadly, I was unable to make this year’s autumn Goth weekend, so my reporting on such will have to be limited to second-hand tales from my crew, and highlights from other online reviewers and commenters.

This autumn’s meet took place over the last weekend of October, which of course coincided neatly with Halloween, to add a nice layer of additional darkness to the events. The Blogging Goth headed up to Whitby this year, and you can read his review of the Friday bands on his blog, as well as his thoughts on the evolution of the meet, now in its 21st year, here.

You can also view or upload pics to the meet’s Flickr account, here.

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The Manchester Goth conference

The third annual Goth conference for academics took place in October in Manchester, and is hosted by MMU’s Centre for Gothic Studies, which I’ve got to admit, I didn’t know was even a thing.

Highlights of this year’s conference included an introduction to medical Gothic, with other highlights including several graveyard-themed historical accounts and photographs, a lot of general derision for Twilight, and many, many other things that involved lots of words of four or more syllables, and ergo, that are probably not for the likes of me!

Find out more about what was discussed this year here.

Goths have the best dress sense…

According to Buzzfeed, but don’t let that put you off. Check out their shots from Whitby this year in their latest Goth-themed list.


Eight new types of Goth that are better than health Goth

Yep, Buzzfeed again, folks. Where they’re getting this from I know not, but the pictures made me laugh if nothing else.


Torrid introduce plus-size superhero costumes

Finally, Marvel and Her Universe, makers of costumes, get ups and fancy kit of all types have finally got with the times and teamed up with Torrid (a plus size retailer) to introduce a plus-sized line of their most popular women’s superhero costumes.


These are genuinely really nice and well made too, and run in sizes from a US 12 to 30, so for UK sizing, buy a size smaller than your usual (which is nice)… Prices run from $50-$70-ish, and as you might have guessed, ship from America.

That’s all folks! More next month.

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