Lady Gothique’s September blog round-up


Welcome minions, to my collation of the best of the Goth internet from the last month or so, featuring some of the best blog posts from other Gothy folk, new blogs I’ve just found, and more. Let’s get started.

The Blogging Goth on the Goth teenagers/depression study


First up is this offering from The Blogging Goth, where she deconstructs and analyses the results of the recently published study on the statistical links between Goth interests in one’s mid-teens leading to a higher incidence rate of depression in one’s late teens.

The Blogging Goth actually took part in a BBC radio show on this topic, and links to the show can be found within her blog as well.

The Everyday Goth’s Halloween guide

By the time you read this, you’ll probably be high as a kite on Halloween sweets and dubious-coloured alcohol concoctions, so this latest post from The Everyday Goth should tie in nicely with your interests. Taking the form of a 2015 shopping guide for the homemaking Gother, unfortunately, most of the products featured are from American stores, although many can be ordered online and shipped to the UK-such as this bat doormat, which is now at the very top of my “needful things” list.


Vulcan Butterfly’s fashion posts

Vulcan Butterfly is a new blogger that I have only just come across, and who is particularly relevant to my interests as, like me, she loves Goth fashion and styling without going full-on panstick white for every day of the year.

Her latest blog post, linked above, and the few below them, provide showcases of her personal style in pictures, which may be of particular interest to those that are keen to keep on Gothing regardless of their work or school’s dress codes.


The Domesticated Goth goes to a wedding

The Domesticated Goth is one of the more frequently-blogging Goths whose content I always enjoy, and I am a big fan of her latest post that shares how she dressed for the recent wedding of a friend. Also, totally digging the hair.


Mute The Silence: Photo blog

This is another new blog or photo journal that I have only just stumbled across, and it takes the form of the author’s attempts to transfer their thoughts, feelings and moods into images, both those from online and those she has taken personally. It’s intricately structured, visually stunning, and very moody!


The Gothic Mermaid on Tumblr

Finally, my latest new finding is this Tumblr feed of interesting, dark, twisty and unsettling images collated by the author, Nemo Sirene, a 19 year old Goth with excellent taste who can also be found on Twitter @nemosirene and Instagram @thegothicmermaid .


Have fun!

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